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Badri's Life Transformation Academy

You can begin your life transformation journey with personal development via the Alive & Fearless Membership Program that helps members learn and transform at their own time, place and pace! OR Go deep dive with Personal Coaching, High-Impact, Customized, One-On-One, Private... MB Coaching Program!

 A Weekend Event to Help You Build A Life & Business You Love... Without Compromising Your Happiness, Health or Identity!

Alive & Fearless Is For Ambitious Individuals Who Want To Unleash Their True Potential, Overcome Fear And Get The Results They Desire!

What Will You Learn In The Alive & Fearless Intensive?

Identify the Real Problem!
Find the real problem and what is causing it. Most people spend their life time trying to solve the wrong problem... and wonder why they are not getting results!

Learn the Right Solution!
Once you identify the real problem, you need to now learn the solution that can solve it. A wrong solution to a real problem will only give you more problems... So it's important you get this part right.

Take Action Immediately!
Finding the right solution is useless unless you take immediate action towards solving the problem. You will immediately start implementation and see results before the live event ends.

Learn More...
 Personal one-on-one private coaching sessions with unlimited access to a Life Coach & Health Coach to build a life & business you love without compromising your happiness, health or identity. 

1. Online Learning Portal:
Access to pre-recorded video courses for self-learning and personal coaching preparations.
You will learn the mindsets, frameworks & strategies for...
a) Personal Development
b) Health & Fitness
c) Relationships
d) Work & Career

Coaching Sessions:
45 - 60 mins personal coaching sessions every week or whenever you need to schedule one.

Get personal access to Murtaza via a WhatsApp group and 24x7 accessibility on it.

Online Community:
Meet and network with like-minded people and coaching clients across the world. You can participate in online meets and special group events.

Alive & Fearless Tribe and Benefits:
Get all benefits of the Alive & Fearless Tribe Membership and special discounts on referrals for family and friends.

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