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Your Passion CAN Make Money For You


When I was young and had to decide a career, my family chose to make me a computer engineer and get me settled in the US. The choice was made because engineers earned good money back then.

I know money is an important part of your life and we all need money to create a lifestyle we love. I totally understand! but its only as important as oxygen.

In my heart my passion was personal development and life transformation. I knew I was born to be in this career and help people find themselves and live a life they love.

The problem was that I had no role model or support… because no one could see this as a full time real money making career, except me.

During my self-help education drive I came across this quote which made a huge impact on my beliefs and thinking.

If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you will be unhappy for the rest of your life.” -  Abraham Maslow

I knew in my teen heart that I could not settle to become an engineer with a comfy job in the US for the rest of my life. I know that I would be unhappy in the long run.

In this post I have shared with you an excerpt from my live training where I talk about how if you choose a career only for money is a big problem verses if you find your passion and make it a career.

The condition is you need to love what you do and create a service or product around your passion that can help people live better lives or earn more money.

If you have not found your passion and are not in the pursuit of your dream, then you are missing out big time.

Answer three questions to find your passion…

Think of a particular topic, career or field and answer YES/NO to the three questions below.

Q1. I can work Day & Night in Researching, Learning & Developing about this without getting tired or fatigued.

Q2. I can create a product and/or service around this to help people live better lives or help businesses do better business.

Q3. I do not feel the same kind of energy and enthusiasm around any other topic, career or field.

If you answered yes to all the three questions then you have found your true passion and calling.

When you find your passion you unleash your potential and miracles take place…

So rather than finding where you can get more money, focus on finding your passion. It pays BIG in the long run.

In the comments below, tell me what are you passionate about or ask me a question if you can't find your passion. Let me know what you want training or inspiration on.

Thank you so much for watching and sharing your passion in the comments below.

Let’s find your passion and help the world.


“How I deal with money, is money is as important as oxygen.

Can you live with it? *Audiences say, “Yes!”*

Can you live without it? *Audiences say, “No!”*

But is that the only thing?

So you get the perspective on money? It's very important, especially at this age if you get this perspective that money is not everything. Money comes as a byproduct of what you offer to the world via two things service and products/ goods. Is there a third thing? There is no third thing – only service and products. The better the service and the better the product you will offer, the better the money you will get.

But are you doing it for the money? No!

How many said yes? Is it a problem if you are doing it for the money?

It is a HUGE problem.

If you are doing whatever you are doing, either you are offering a product or service just for the money it's a big problem. So this is your wake-up call – GOOD MORNING!

You think I am doing all this for the money? *Audiences say, “Yes, no, maybe, 50%!”*

So I like the money, but do you honestly think I am in this field because of the money? No! Because when I started, there was nobody to follow or role model. So my father is going, ‘Show me somebody who is in this field in Mumbai and in our community and I will allow you to do this - your personal development crazy stuff that you are doing!’

So there was nobody. I didn't find anybody so I had to go find international trainers. I got huge statistics for my dad and I said, ‘Here! This is the potential.’

He is like, ‘Seriously? Go, go do it!’

Well he didn’t say that, by the way. Here’s what he said, ‘Yes, good for him. One in a hundred; do you think you can reach there?”

You know what they say. It was a passion for me, it still is. And I improve the craft with every program. Every program, there is a difference there's an improvement. What you are seeing today is after 10 years of struggle; sometimes there is money, sometimes there is not, sometimes there is lots. But I don't do it for the money. I do it for the love of the service that I am offering to people. The personal transformation or the development that I offer to all of you.:)

One life transforms the entire family. An entire family transforms the entire community and society and it’s a ripple effect. That's the love for the field. Now because there is love for the field, I am able to struggle.

Are there downsides? Yes! Are there upsides? Hell yes! Are there wonderful days? Yess! Horrible days? Yes. Do I feel like quitting sometimes? Obviously yes!

But do I quit? No! Because of the love of the field, not the money, I persist! You don't wait for the money; you continue doing it for the service you provide to the world. It could be either by a product or service, doesn’t matter!

Can you make a product better? Can you make a service better? Can you transform lives? Can you make somebody’s life better?

You think you will get compensated for the same? Yes! If you do a good job, if you do a lousy job you won't.

Money is not your focus. It's like a wake-up call to every one of you here. Since childhood, we have been told about money - what are you going to earn in your career? If you don't study you will become who…

*Audiences say, plumber, sweeper (jhadoowala), gambler, barber (hajaam), gangster, awara*:D

Girls, what did parents tell you, you will become,

*Audiences say, housewife..*:D

That you will become, that’s a part of life, girls.

If you don't study, if you don't look at yourself and your life and if you don't improve you will not get a good spouse. That's what girls hear usually.

Of course, for your career, you must find your passion; you must find something that you love to do. It’s like this you do not see the watch when you are at your passion, doing what you love. When your heart is in your work, there is no time. So there have been times, have you been in that place? So you’re working continuously not seeing the hour at all, you fall asleep and you wake up after 2 hours and it’s 4 am. You feel like ‘Oh my God, how could I sleep!’; then do you sleep again? No! You splash some water on your face and make a cup of tea or coffee, and get back and going. That is passion!

GOOD MORNING! Some of you seem like, ‘Oh my God! I don't remember. Do people do something like that? That's where passion comes from and you need to find yours!”