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You cannot Manage time. You can Only…


I use to always think that i had to manage my time well. but boy was I wrong!

I realized that time was always ticking and you could not stop it, no matter what,
then how was it that I could manage it?

What I then realized was I can’t manage time… that’s a myth.

But what I can do is only manage myself effectively in the time I have left to live, love and matter.

In the previous post, we learned that you can either live by chance or choice and managing yourself effectively is a choice you need to make.

Watch this video in which I have shared the top 5 time suckers and 7 ways to manage yourself in time effectively.

Leave a comment and share what are your time suckers and what you do to avoid it.
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Also make sure to share this post with family and friends who can benefit from this new way of managing self in time.

Till then, Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.

- Murtaza

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Welcome to the life transformation blog.

Today's topic is about time management where I am going to explain to you why time management doesn't exist anymore.

What does exist is managing yourself in time.

There are 5 time suckers that suck time in your life. I have been getting emails from you, frantically asking how to manage so many things - career, exams, business, family and especially stay at home mom have to manage a career, marriage, kids and in-laws.

Well, we will also discuss the seven ways of managing yourself in time.

The old way is time management. The new way is, everybody has 24 hours and everyone has limited time. The clock is ticking and you can do nothing to stop it.

What you can do is manage yourself in time.

Time suckers

  1. Lack of clarity

You do not have clarity. I see people running like headless chickens. They are here doing this and there doing that. You don't exactly know what is it that you want to spend your time, plan your day.

Am I clear with my life's purpose? Once you are, you can do something about it. 

Lack of clarity and what you want to achieve in this day, this week and this month is going to hurt you, in all areas of life. Clarity will help you get the fulfillment that you accomplished something worthwhile.

  1. Internet / Online Space

In the last decade, this has been sucking people's time by the second. The Internet has taken over our lives and we are online every single minute.

Don't get me wrong, internet isn't bad. But if you don't control your online time, it's going to suck your time.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you go to is your inbox. Your inbox is someone else's agenda waiting for you. Then YouTube, Facebook and social media cause browser blackouts, making your hours go by.

  1. Television

The idiot box; at an average of 2 hours a day and in the month, 60 hours and 720 hours yearly, it's taking your time.

Again, watch something useful, that will benefit you. People tend to watch unimportant things on television.

  1. Unimportant things

Those include other people's priorities, agendas and important work. If anyone asks for help, you end up spending time on that.

Again if it's coming from an important person, go ahead by all means. But don't entertain random requests. Say, no!

  1. Unproductive things

If you are doing something important, but you aren't productive enough. You are not at it, entirely. You pick it up, you drop it and this takes you more time to finish. More time, more energy and more effort and less fulfillment.


Seven ways to manage yourself in time.

  1. Decide

A lot of times you don't know what to do. So, identify what is that you want to do, and go at it. Focus on it and keep doing it. Make a schedule, know exactly what you want to do and do that only

  1. Organize

Organize yourself, your space, online space, files, wardrobe.. why?

Once it is organized, you know what's where and you get it whenever you want it. Most of our time goes into finding important things.

Organize yourself in all areas of life to immediately find what you want.

  1. Prioritize

There's a bazillion things a person can do. What should you do first?

Prioritizing is the most important part of managing yourself in time. I only have 24 hours and I can't do everything. So decide what is it that you want to do first, second and third. What is it that you want to do only if you have time?

  1. Task list

Have a task list. 90% of people don't have exactly a list of things to do. A task list helps you be organized and helps you identify what you need to do next. And then at the end of the day, it can help you feel fulfilled. 

  1. Persist

Once you know what you want to do, there will be obstacles and interference of things and people. So keep persisting. You might get distracted, but go back. Keep coming, make it a practice.

And most important, say no to unimportant requests. 

  1. Delegate

If you are not able to do certain things, delegate. We suggest to not do everything, do only what is important and only what you can do. Remaining else, delegate. Give it people to do additional things.

  1. Follow up

A lot of times you don't get work done if you don't call and follow up. Use automatic tools to help - Google Calendar, Google Tasks, etc.

Let me know what you think of this video. Tell me the tools and ideas you use to manage your time.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless. Dream big stay strong.

Stay tuned for the next video. Thank you!