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What Do People Want in Life : These 3 Words!


What Do You Really Want in Life?

Take a guess…..

No, It’s not money, power or fame.

It’s not even health, satisfaction or fulfillment.

These are the 3 words that we are all ultimately after and desperately want on a daily basis to survive, live and thrive.

But often we try to achieve them through ways and means that are completely inaccurate, false and misleading.

I reveal the 3 words in this video and show you how you can immediately attain them as you are watching the video..pretty cools uh! It will take you less then 7 min to achieve these words

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the three words.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.


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Today I would like to talk about the three most important words we would want in our life but yet we somehow struggle, on a day to day basis. I am going to share with you simple steps which you can immediately take to achieve them.

So what are the three words?


We want more love in our life. We want more love from ourselves; we want more love from our family. We want people and even our friends to love us and accept us. Love is as an emotion that we human beings need to survive.


What is the second word that we are after on a daily basis? It's happiness! We want happiness and joy. We want to feel happy on a daily basis. But sometimes we feel that happiness is something that we will achieve only if we do something, there’s an external event or reason or something physical we need to achieve in order to feel happy. We as human beings crave happiness, in order to survive and in order to live a life.


The last one is peace. We want to feel peaceful every day; every night when you come back home you go to bed you want to be at peace. Honestly, when you achieve love and happiness, you are automatically are in peace.

STEP 1 – Find love in your own self

So what is it that stops us from being loved? The misconception that if I want to be loved, I need to do something; if I want people to love me then I have to do what they say. That's the biggest misconception. How do you find more love in your life, is not by doing things for other people. It's good to do things for other people, especially out of your own commitments and responsibilities. You find love when you start loving your own self. Do away with the misconception that I need to things for people to love me and I need to keep everybody happy in order for them to love me.

If you can't love your own self, you will not be able to love other people. Finding love from external sources; finding love after doing something for people will set you up for disappointment. It’s just not the way forward; if you want to do something for someone, don't do it with an expectation that the person will love you. Just do it out of you being yourself and loving yourself and loving that person and giving back to that person.

STEP 2 – Accept and appreciate yourself, the way you are today.

Then we talked about happiness. In our society, we always feel that if I get that position I'll be more happy, or if I get that income level I'll be more happy. Or buying a car and upgrading my house will make me happy. That is far from the truth, because I have seen people in my training career of 15 years that people have the money, the materialistic things, the position, the salary, the business that they really want. But they are just not happy. You might also know certain people, who have everything but they come and they share that, ‘I have everything that is possible in my life but I am just not happy’.

The reason is that you attach your being happy to external circumstances; you attach your being happy to getting this salary, level or position, lifestyle, business or income. That is why you are not happy today, in the moment. So what you can do immediately is starting with love – you need to love your own self and you need to accept yourself the way you are. You need to appreciate what you have today in your life. ‘Not what I could have had or what I didn't have’, but what you have today in your life.

Appreciate yourself and give yourself that love whatever you are, whoever you are, with the good and the bad, the skills that you have or that you don't have. It’s fine; you can learn them. Accept yourself the way you are, love yourself for who you or maybe for who you’re not or who you want to become. That's all okay! Love yourself; the more you love yourself; acknowledge yourself with all the good and the bad, then you are able to accept other people the way they are. You’re able to give more love to other people in their life.

When it comes to happiness, be happy with what you have right now. Find happiness in the smallest things, in spending time with yourself, reading a book or read something for personal development. Find happiness in either going out for a walk, doing some exercise or spending some time with your family and children; doing the small things with your children and spending time with your spouse, and even extended family. What matters the most, finding happiness in the little things. It's not important that when you reach the next level, then you be happy. Be happy right now and then go achieve whatever you want to.

STEP 3 - I promise you when you have more love, when you love yourself and when you appreciate what you have in your life, you are happy right now today in this moment and you feel loved right now today in this moment, you will be at peace.

All these 3 things have nothing to do with external circumstances or external people. Right now sitting here watching this video, you could just generate more love for yourself, be happy and feel the peace right now itself. You just have to shed this limiting belief, the limitations and negative thinking that you have or the attachment that you have made to doing and achieving something to make you happy.

Let me know what you think about this topic and if you agree to what I have to say. If you have anything to share, reach me at [email protected], I would love to hear from you, in the form of comments, feedback and emails. Till then I wish you find more love in your life, wish you more happiness and more peace! Stay Alive, stay Fearless. Dream big and stay strong. I’ll see you in the next video and thank you for watching.