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The Pain Pleasure Screw Up


Have you ever done something which felt pleasurable only to find out that it was actually a long term pain…have you made decisions or behaved in a manner that looked fun, but regretted after doing it. This is the classical pain and pleasure screwup, Watch the video to reverse this immediately.

Please excuse me as I have got a little excited and have ranted…. But hey it’s just to help you
live an Alive & Fearless Life.

Leave a comment and share what was a pain earlier that you have changed into pleasure.

- Murtaza

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From our childhood we have been thought of doing things which make us feel happy, whether it's eating, watching a movie or sleeping.

In that pursuit of happiness, we don't want to exercise, eat healthy, grow and learn and
implement new strategies. We have been taught to work for quick fixes.

What I want to do is wake you up.

When we are young we don't want to study as we think it's a big pain. We instead want to party,
go out with friends and chill. This is completely flawed, because when you are 15 it's your time to learn, develop new skills and go at life. How many students we see are excited to study and give exams?

We have been taught that reading a book, eat healthy, walk and exercise, learn, struggle, work
hard, falling and failing is all painful . Entire thing is screwed up.

Because what is pleasurable for short term, like partying, is actually long term pain.

When you want to learn and go through the grind say for a job or business, you think it's pain.
But it's actually a pleasure. When you do this with pleasure, you will avoid long term pain.

How many people have you seen, they started early in life? Where are they now? Get my point?

At that time what people thought was pain, was actually a long term pleasure. Whether it's
studying, growing, attending seminars, making a plan all are pleasure. I say do the grind when
you are young. Learn, fail and fall and get up again. Do what needs to be done from 15 - 25. And after 25, go have the fun you missed.

I hope this video helps you shift the psychology, passing your time on things that are not going to
help you in the long run. As a test, try attempt things that you think are a pain with an approach
of pleasure. This is your time.

It's a belief, thinking and emotion shift. Hit me up if you need help. Stay Alive and Fearless in the pursuit of your dreams.

Dream Big, Stay Strong.

Stay tuned for the next video. Thank you for watching.