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The Cure For Perfectionism Disease


I was Mr. Perfect when I started my career and I don’t mind admitting that I lost a lot of
opportunities, time and money by being Mr. Perfect : (

Is there a perfect career, job, business, spouse, children, time, opportunity, place, house, car, city, country or life I often ask...

The only reason I was able to become a speaker, trainer & life coach and touch thousands of lives worldwide is because I started imperfect. I share the cure in this week's blog video.

I am writing this email from Kuwait where I have come for a couple of training programs… and believe it or not my perfect planning for this trip was completely shattered and changed thrice due to things beyond one's control or anticipation.

Watch this video to save time, money & heartache and to learn the CURE.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.

- Murtaza

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Do you want a perfect job, a perfect spouse, a perfect career, a perfect lifestyle and a perfect

Are you someone who's waiting for a perfect time to launch a product, change career or a
perfect opportunity for starting your business?

I want to talk about perfectionism.

According to research, perfectionism is a disease. You heard that right!

From childhood we have been taught that we need to be perfect in whatever we do.

That has completely bogged us down. People who are on the path of being perfectionists
seldom take action. They hold their self to such a high standard in all areas of their life. So when after a lot of time and hard work, if they are not able to achieve it they feel disappointed. Not only that, a perfectionist has high standards for other people - like employees, spouse, and children.
Often this drives them nuts! Bosses are unable to retain employees because of perfectionism.

I'm not saying don't have high standards. Dream big but also start from wherever you can start. When a person is a perfectionist and says he wants to start a business, he wants to make a perfect plan and then start.

When I was in this career, I fell in the trap of perfectionism too. Whether it was my script or audience or matter or presentation, I wanted it to be perfect. Even these videos, I wanted them to be perfect. Well what I realized is often the end product of perfectionism is not perfect.

You just have to go at it. There's no perfect employee, opportunity or time. There's only AN opportunity, the employee and the time.

How do I improve and make them improve? Well, heard about excellence? Aim for that. Improve but start. Perfectionism paralyzes you and doesn't let you start. Major reason is fear of other people's criticism on not being perfect.

And there's no growth. Because you have to start and be in it to be able to grow.

Do not worry, nobody is perfect. Anybody who has achieved success will tell you that they started with imperfection.

When you accept whatever you have and start with it, you are more Alive and Fearless.

You accept the way people are and get on with it, whether it's business, studies, or even

Get the best out of the situation and aim for improvement, excellence and growth. Don't be a perfectionist, be a doer. Take action as that is what will give you success.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream Big. Stay Strong.

Stay tuned for the next video. Thank you!