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Suicide is NOT an Option


I am writing this with a heavy heart…because I recently got news of someone I knew who committed suicide, but no one could in their wildest dreams ever image this person would choose suicide as an option.   

“I get suicidal thoughts” or “ I should commit suicide”

Normal looking people with normal struggles can suddenly resolve to this option of ending their life. This mainly starts with extreme stress leading to hopelessness and then desperation.

How do they get in such a desperate state of mind and emotion?

Why was suicide the only option left? Was there no one who could have helped?

I have recorded a short video addressing…

1) How to detect suicidal thoughts

2) Four Lies these people tell themselves and

3) Four Simple steps to recover from this mental state.

My intention is that this video saves a life, a family that could be traumatized by an act of suicide.

I request you to spread this message and contribute in inspiring anyone who might be fighting with this thought of desperation and despair.

Kindly share this video… you never know, it might just save a family from losing someone they love.

Leave a comment on how we can detect and prevent this act from happening.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!

Dream BIG, Stay Strong.

- Murtaza

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Hello and welcome to the life transformation blog.  This is the place to be for a new way of thinking, feeling and achieving, high performance and life mastery.

Today we will talk about the social evil and a disturbing event - suicide.

We all have heard about it, read about it or even while talking to friends or family, have discussed about people we knew who have committed suicide. It completely shatters your emotions, thought processes and you are left baffled as to why the person committed suicide!  We most of the times remember them to be healthy, lively and suddenly we hear about their suicide.

Let's address this sensitive topic and dedicate this video to helping them.  Now there are three types of people.

  1. Who have thought about suicide at any point in life when they were facing challenging times.
  2.  Who are contemplating suicide in the moment, the thought passes their mind but they somehow handle it and don't consider suicide as an option.
  3. Who today have already decided and are close to ending their life - I want to talk directly to you.

I would really appreciate if you could share it with someone who is struggling to help them out.

I will cover two things in this video:

  1.  What do you feel when you have decided to put an end to your life
  2.  Four lies that you believe to be true

Following that I will cover four steps to transform your  mental and emotional state to being Alive and Fearless.


  • Feelings you feel when you think about suicide, contemplating it or have decided to commit suicide

The act of suicide starts with a small shift in psychology and feelings.  It's not suddenly a person commits suicide.  It starts building up and worsens with time as he is not able to cope and struggles.

  1.  Hopelessness

You might feel you are trying your best but it's not getting any better. Thoughts like, ‘Why am I alive or no one will help me or no one can help me' run across the mind.  It grows higher in intensity and the person caves; loses hope with life, business, relationships.  I have seen cases from teenagers to middle aged people, reasons from bullying to relationships breakup to family issues to stress being the cause of suicide.

  1. Helplessness

The person feels helpless to not be able to help himself or change his circumstances. ‘I tried a lot of things but I am not able to cope or change.’

  1. Worthless

The thought comes from a place where you feel worthless. Self confidence and self esteem hits a rock bottom.  You think you are good for nothing.  But that's not true.  It's not the truth.  It's only what you are feeling.  It's your emotions at play.

If you are feeling this in any area of your life, health, relationships, education, family, finance, academics career or social status.. If you are feeling these feelings, please be aware that this is where it starts.


  • Moving on to the four lies that people who are contemplating suicide tell themselves. If you are someone who is having suicidal thoughts, these are the four lies that you make yourself believe.
  1.  My life is over

Whether you are a student or a teenager or someone struggling either in relationships, with family, reeling from a financial loss or a business loss, you think your life is over and you don't have an option.

Well it's not over.  Your life will only be over the day you decide to commit suicide and you do. Not before that.  Not right now.

There is always an option and suicide isn't one.  The option is to live your life.  The option is to give yourself another chance.  The option is to tell yourself, ‘It’s okay!'

So this one's a complete lie that you are telling yourself.

  1. My life can't change

You might say, ‘I have tried everything!‘

Well you haven't tried everything. Because if you would have, you would have been hopeful. To this lie that my life can't change, I say it can change. You have made it this far, you are living right now, you have got whatever you want.  Look closely as I am sure there are good things in life and it's not as bad as you see it to be.

If it is that bad, it can change.  And I will help you with that. This lie takes form slowly with your emotions and psychology and even physiology to end up completely taking you over. You start believing it to be true.

  1. I don't know how. No one can help me.

There are people who love you and are willing to help you.  You just have to reach out. You have to ask for help.

You might think that you don't know how, but remember suicide isn't an option. Whatever bad things or misery or bad behavior you have faced, it might be someone being rude, mean,  making fun of you, you might have lost something, or you are not  able to forgive yourself,  don't consider suicide as an option.

You need to stay alive and fearless; you are just being fearful.

  1. I am not good enough and no one loves me

This is a lie that you get from people around you and you start believing them. You might have heard that you are good for nothing and started believing it. Let me tell you, no one is perfect. Everybody has flaws. Everybody's struggling. It is a part of life to face the challenges and it's an opportunity to grow.

And who has the right to tell you that you are not good enough? You need to tell yourself that I am good enough. I love myself and I don't need others to tell me that. Love your own self; you don't need anybody to love you.

I keep saying this time and again that suicide is not an option.


  • Let me tell you the four steps that you need to take to regain control and begin transforming your life.
  1. Believe you have the power within you to change your life, because you do. You just have to believe and take action.

Yeah you do! Believe it yourself that, I have the power to transform anything that is not working in your life. The moment you believe you have the power and you are going to take charge of your life, you will not have to take this drastic step. You will not have to get into this horrifying state.

You have to believe and take action; action not towards committing suicide but action towards transforming your life. That's your option.

  1. It's my life and I will not waste it. I will take charge and do what needs to be done and transform it. I will not go without a fight.

You need to say this.  No matter how miserable people are around you, or what happened or what you did.  It's your life to take charge of. Transform it, not end it.

And why are you losing hope? Why is your only option suicide?

Do not go without a fight. It's your life and you don't need to waste it because something didn't work or there are nasty people out there or some people don't love you or some others are wicked. There are good people in the world. Just approach and talk.

  1. It helps to talk to someone you trust or seek professional help.

Talk to someone close to you.  It might not be in the family, someone outside, some friend.. anyone, talk about how you feel. If you do not have anyone to talk to, ask for an expert. Seek professional advice.

Suicide is so not an option. You need to stay alive.  You need to stay fearless.

  1. Take bite sized action and do one thing at a time. It's okay, no one is perfect and we are all human beings.

When people are overwhelmed with life, they can't handle everything (along with the thought of suicide). I understand so cut it down to bite sized action and do one thing at a time. Pick up one thing and act on that.

You need to start telling yourself that it's okay to go through crap; shit happens.

Suicide is not at all an option.  You need to stay alive.  You need to stay fearless.

No one is perfect. We are all struggling.  We are humans.  It is okay to fail.  It's okay to not have everything. It's okay to fail.

If you are someone on the path to commit suicide, please consider your options. Go through the video.  Think about it. Get help.  Raise your hand and say I need help. There are people to help you out.

Suicide is not an option. You need to stay alive. You need to stay fearless.

Keep watching the life transformation blog.