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Personal Development – Highly Effective HABIT for Success


I was a reckless teenager and horrible in academics. At one point my principal had to call my mom and request that I submit my incomplete practical assignment during my board exams.

Don’t get me wrong…I was not stupid, but what I was exposed to did not fuel my interest.

I was a middle class guy with no dream or ambition in life...until the day I received a gift.
That gift started a habit that still defines me and my success today...

The habit is of sharpening your skills, updating your knowledge, cleaning your thought, changing your beliefs and strengthening your emotions.

Leave a comment below the video and share if you have this habit and how it has transformed your life.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.


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Personal Development - Highly Effective HABIT for Success

How many times do you really think about something? I mean really think about something! The contrast is when you did the workshop of a few questions that is the time you were actually thinking about your life.

What am I doing? What am I up to? Am I doing what I need to do? Am I really on track? I just have this ONE life, one chance! Should I make it my best? Should I give it my best? That’s when you’re thinking and the moment you go back to ‘living’ life, you’re doing, doing, doing, doing, doing...

So there is a wise man who says, ‘There are people who keep doing, but my question is you are busy doing what?’ You see these kind of people? They keep saying they are busy, ‘I have so much to do, I don’t have time, I have to do this and I have to do that.’ And how is your life looking? ‘My wife is cribbing, my kids are crying, my financial state is horrible and I’m struggling … I just took some medicines and I am depressed. I don’t know if I am even going to survive these seasons and I am contemplating suicide.’ 

You’re doing, doing, doing what? Hold on! Think what you are doing. Take some time. Write it down!

Again a wise man says that when you are doing one hour of doing, it’s wise to give it 10 minutes of thinking. Thinking of what are you doing, what are you going to do. Now in today’s world, people are saying, ‘I don’t have that 10 minutes to think what I am going to do.. Because I am very busy only doing.’



Where is the time to attend three-day workshops and one-day programs? ‘Because I am busy doing.’

So there is this wood chopping organization; they chop trees. There’s this guy, his name is John. He tells the owner, ‘I need a job!’ The owner likes him and gives him a job. So John sets out every day chopping trees. He is a happy man! He gets his wages and he’s living a good life. He goes back home. Now suddenly, in this organization, Tom joins too! Within one year, Tom gets a raise. Is John happy anymore? He feels, ‘I am here since two years and this guy gets a raise in just a year of service?’

So he goes to the boss asking for a raise too! Boss tells him simply, ‘John, you have to go cut more trees. The more trees you cut, the more money you get.’

John thinks that’s easy. So he goes out, cuts more trees, puts in more effort; he’s like slogging and cutting and sweating. With all the energy drained at the end of the day, he comes back to his boss saying, ‘I did it. I cut these many trees.’

Boss goes like, ‘John, it’s still not enough. You need to chop these many trees and this much time. The way Tom is doing.’ John requests him for some idea and advice. Boss tells him, ‘Go to Tom. Ask him what is he doing and you do the same thing.’

Role modeling. 

So he goes to Tom and asks him, ‘Please, can you tell me what are you doing? How are you able to cut more trees?’

Tom says, ‘It’s very simple. After I cut each tree, I take some time to sharpen my axe.’

Oh! Uh oh! That’s it?

‘Well the sharper my axe, the faster I can cut the trees. The lesser the effort.’



What is sharpening the axe for you? Thinking, believing, learning, growing, focus.. when we say learning, we mean you have to sharpen your skills. That’s why we put personal development on the top because that’s where everything starts.