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One Behaviour that’s KILLING your CHILD’s…


When I see parents doing this with their kids… I can literally see the child’s self-confidence dying little by little.

If you are a parent who want’s to increase your child’s self- confidence.. Then watch the full video.

If your child is struggling or suffering from low self-confidence, low self-esteem and is being bullied in school, college or social gatherings… you have to start doing what I mention in the video today!

This starts from a very young age and I have seen the affects even in late adulthood and become midlife crisis later on in life... I am serious, this stuff is important and has to STOP IMMEDIATELY!

Leave me a comment with your suggestion on what you do to help your child improve his/her self confidence.

Share this video with parents, you will make a huge difference in their life :

- Murtaza

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Hello and welcome to the life transformation blog.

Today's video is a response to the questions we get from parents about their kids not possessing enough self confidence, not being able to mix with other kids and how to boost my kid's self confidence.

So there's one thing that kills your child's self confidence. That's yelling. You heard me right? When you yell at your child and nag and carry the past, and howl and scream, all the while the kids is wondering what is wrong with my parent.

The most ironic is the one that a parent is yelling at the child asking him to keep it down. 

When you rant at the child, and it's difficult to gauge whether it's your own frustration you are removing or actually doing it for the child's good.

So stop yelling at your child. I know you love your child, you want better things. But yelling isn't one percent good. Why?


  1. The child starts believing he or she is good for nothing.

When you start yelling at the child, the child starts internalizing that he is not good enough.

  1. The child starts thinking negative.

The child internally starts feeling afraid and thinking he doesn't have the skills to do something.

  1. The child starts feeling unloved.


Now if not yell, what can you do? Bring up the child's self confidence and communicate in a way that makes him feel better.

  1. Listen

Listen to your child. We are so busy living our life, that we don't have the time to do that one thing that's the most important.

When a child starts to explain, we start yelling even more stating things like I know what you are going to say, I know what you did and so on.

Allow the child to talk, explain and complete his sentence without jumping in between.

  1. Appreciate

Take the smallest thing your child has done and amplify it and appreciate it. Either take something good he did or something bad that he didn't do. 

  1. Freedom

Give him freedom to choose his or her life choices. I see parents making the kids do things their way and strangulating them in the process. They give the child an instruction manual.

The more you restrict your child, the more he will get aggressive.

What do I mean by freedom? Well, give him choice, tell him your preference but allow him a choice in food, clothes. Let the self expression and creativity of your child come out.

Appropriately guide them, no yelling only communicating and guiding them. If they don't do what you would like them to do, it's okay. Don't freak out. Let him live up to his or her choice. Once he does that, he will know what's right and wrong. Once he is able to understand that, he will develop the confidence to choose. 

Trust your child and be the parent who doesn't keep yelling and appreciates the child. Be present throughout and guide him gently. 

Stay Alive, stay Fearless. Dream big stay strong.

Stay tuned for the next video. Thank you!