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Office Politics Made Easy…


Have you been a victim of office politics and how do you handle it?

In this video I share why you must use politics at work place to grow your income.

If you don’t understand politics and use it effectively, you will not grow.

What are your views on workplace politics and should one do it… leave me a comment below the video.

Stay Alive! Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.

- Murtaza

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‘You know I didn't get invited to the party at office.’

‘The person who joined a few months back got an appraisal.’

‘They are not calling me for important meetings.’

You know what I am talking about. Workplace politics and I am going to tell you why is it healthy and why do you need to learn them.

What is politics? We have this negative notion about politics being bad; we see liars and corrupt people and think manipulation and stuff when we think of politics.

Well that's incorrect. Politics is the activity that you do to increase your status at work and increase your power. Either you have a relationship-building activity, or doing your job well and even communicating you have good skills to be given more responsibility at work.

Let's get into the three ways you can use the workplace politics to increase your position, get more responsibility and prove that you can do much more than you are being paid for.

1. Your job is not to do just your job
You are paid for doing your job, but you as a person you need to market yourself, promote
yourself and build relationships with people. It's more of doing activities, telling people you are here and making a difference.

2. Don't just mind your own business
Go beyond your cubicle and cabin. I don't mean poking nose in other people's business. But you need to know more about what other departments are doing, how your products fare and know what's happening in the workplace.

3. You need to keep your mouth OPEN at your workplace I mean communicate, influence, network, talk, share and tell people what you feel on the job. Show them how Alive and Fearless you are.

If they don't see you, if they don't hear you, they will not remember you. If they won't remember you, they will not consider you for invitations, parties, promotion and things like that. When that doesn't happen, you feel like you are being taken for granted.

Rather than cribbing, bitching, complaining and whining, open your mouth, communicate and let people know your worth.

In terms of office politics, it is there to make you grow, be fearless. Deal with people, face
your fears, overcome them and show your worth.

I wish you a good politics in your workplace. Change your attitude to grow 10X.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream Big. Stay Strong.

Stay tuned for the next video. Thank you!