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New way of Thinking, Feeling & Achieving


When I was in my teens, it was very frustrating to decide..

  • How should I behave? Formal, Casual, Original (ME) or Fake it?
  • Who should I listen to? Parents, Friends, Teachers or Google.
  • What career? one my head tells me or the one my heart wants?
  • I am behaving my best yet I am not getting results.
  • Girl friend or spouse? : ) you get the point.

This is very common and very frustrating at times. I understand and would like to help.

I embarked on a journey of personal development and discovered five new ways of thinking, feeling and achieving that completely transformed the way I thought, felt and behaved… now others were getting more frustrated with me : )

Because I was no longer doing what others wanted me to do… and was in full control of my life.

Once you understand these 5 new ways and implement them in your daily life, life will appear very different. TRY IT!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you really felt the difference in your perspective of life.

Share it with your friends, subscribe to our channel and keep being awesome!

Till then, Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!

Dream BIG, Stay Strong.

- Murtaza

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Today I will teach you the new way of thinking, feeling, and achieving in your personal development, relationships, career and business.

Thank you for watching my videos. This is my first full fledged training video. I also appreciate your emails and comments.:)

I am going to train you in 5 new ways of thinking feeling and achieving in your life. So first we will talk about the old ways and then move on to the new ones.

I have developed these 5 new ways and I practice them in my life. My family had me doing engineering because that's what everyone in my family did. But I said I don't want to get into engineering. Again nothing against engineering, I knew that I do not have passion for engineering.

When I was young, developing human potential, helping people live better life, and helping businesses grow, that's my passion. I embarked on the journey to find out what do I need to do with it. Today after 15 years in my journey, I am here talking to you.

I identified old ways of thinking feeling and achieving which weren't serving me anymore. My personal development courses helped me a lot too. My mentors, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and T. Harv Eker helped shape my thought process too!

What truly matters is your thought process, what you think and feel on a daily basis.


  1. Old way - What are people saying

When you want to do something new, either in relationship, health, business, personal development, what do you normally do?

The old way of thinking feeling and achieving says you role model people, look at people around you and ask people what are they saying. And whatever they are saying, is something you land up doing.

Again, I'm not saying don't listen to your parents or elders. They have amazing wisdom to share and good advice. Just don't be limited by that.

  1. New way - What can I create

It shouldn't matter if people are approving, it matters what you can create.

So I was almost an engineer, but I switched to psychology, something that I could do in human development. What I created is what I thought, which is the new way of thinking feeling and achieving.

I didn't have role models in my family for personal development. But I had my heart in this career, I believed in myself and I created it from scratch for myself. I went and learnt and built it for myself. 


  1. Old way - What can I get

Whenever we talk about anything, what is that I am going to get, money, income, power, position, comfort or fame. What am I going to get.

This is the old way of thinking feeling and achieving and it doesn't serve you or anybody for that matter.

  1. New way - What can I contribute

What can I give to people? What can I become to make a difference? What do I bring in my relationship? What am I offering to my parents, siblings, community, office, spouse etc? What is the service or product that I am offering?

When you understand this new way of thinking feeling and achieving, you will see the perspective.


  1. Old way - I don't know how

When we embark on a journey, after hearing from people, you will do what they tell you and all's well. But when you start something from scratch, you often have no one to help around, and you get stuck. So you come to a point where you feel, I don't know how.

Here you can either stop and go back to a no-risk path or..

  1. New way - I will learn

It's so easy in this age, with everything online, you can learn everything.  The tools, strategies and techniques, it's learnable. It's not impossible. So learn and move on.


  1. Old way - I am afraid to take risks

You sense danger of failure and you get fearful and don't go down the path of your passion.

  1. New way - I am focused on achievements

So, instead of focusing on risks and failures, you are focused on achievements.

There were risks in my career. I was confused what should I start with. I could have said, it's too risky, whether I could do or not. But with the new way of thinking feeling and achieving, I focused on what I could achieve. If you are coming from a place of creation, contribution, learning, you will achieve. It's a matter of time and effort and persistence and you will achieve your goals. 


  1. Old way - There's not enough of support, money, capital, know-how, experience and customers. Anybody who starts something new, there's always a not enough.
  2. New way - There's enough to begin.

When I was young, I didn't have capital, guidance or even an agenda. But there's enough to begin. You have to begin small, get small results, take small steps. 

Once you begin with the intention of creation and contribution, you learn on your way, you are not focused on risks and failures but your achievements, there will be always enough to begin.  If you persist, without fear, you will go on and achieve your dreams.


For the closing thought, the old ways come to you by chance. It's automatic. There's no effort for the old way of thinking feeling and achieving.


The new way of thinking feeling and achieving isn't a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice. A proactive choice. It takes conscious effort to make the choice. But it serves you well. 


I hope this video serves you in reinforcing and learning the new way of thinking, feeling and achieving.

Stay Alive Stay Fearless and stay tuned for the next video. Thank you!