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Life Transformation : To Move Forward In Life


All of us are so busy trying to achieve happiness, love and income… that we often forget to focus on what's causing all the struggle.

So I wanted to quickly address in a 5 min video why is it that we struggle to achieve success and what can we start doing immediately to change it.

Just 5 min can begin the process...let’s go!

Tell me in the comment’s what strategy is working for you?

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!

Keep Transforming!


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Hi, this is Murtaza Badri, Creator of Alive and fearless, and welcome to life transformation blog, the place to be, for a new way of Thinking, Feeling and Achieving along with High Performance and Life Mastery.

Today I would like to talk to you about life transformation.

Are you someone who is struggling with income, relationship, health and peace of mind? This might be the topic that is missing in your life; probably you do not have enough of life transformation in your life. Your life is not transforming; people just say, ‘Yeah yeah! Life Transformation, blah blah! I know all about it. It's too difficult or how do I transform my life?’ Stay with me as I tell you how.

So the question is not to survive; all of us survive, you will too! Everyone you know will survive too! The big question is, how are you going to survive? Are you just going to go to through the routine, get a job and go at that from morning to evening, end up making a good income and just pay your bills, get married and have kids?  Just pass your life? Or are you really, really going to extend your possibilities, move forward and live a life you love every single day?

Life transformation is all about finding what your limitations are, where you want to go and extend the possibilities – go beyond and move forward to live a life you love every single day.

Your past has nothing to do with your future possibilities. What do I mean? People say, “Oh my God! You know in my past I have always lived my life this way, I've always been this kind of a person, have always been around these kind of people and that's the way I am living my life.”

That’s correct – your people around you influence you to a great extent. That is the reason probably that you are living a life that you are living. I don’t know, right now, you might be living a fantastic life.  Or you might just be living a life by surviving and going through the routine.

What I want to explain here is that you can begin transforming your life the day you decide to do it. It's not that if you have always been living your life this way, so now what! Well just decide that you want to extend your possibilities and go beyond.

Hey! You have a dream, don't you? Don’t you want to do something that you have always loved? Life Transformation is all about doing them. Doing them the day you decide, when you feel you are ready to move forward and take the leap of faith. That's the day you begin to transform your life.

We cannot change that which has already happened, but we can commit to transform that which is yet to happen. I understand you cannot change your past; whatever happened in your life, whatever failures you had in your past or what you could not achieve. But that has already happened, but what you can do now is commit to Life Transformation. You can commit to start transforming that which is yet to happen to you.

Since now you are ready, you say, ‘Okay! I am ready to commit myself and my life to Life Transformation. How do I do that?’ The results that you are getting in your external world meaning your relationships, income, work, health and peace of mind with personal growth – all of these results are a result of your inner world. Now when we say inner world, we mean your belief system, the way you think and feel, these three things impact your external world. The only way to transform your outer world is by transforming your inner world first. So if you begin to commit to transform your inner world - the way you think, the way you feel and the way you behave will transform. And once you transform the way you behave, automatically your external world will begin to transform. 

The big question would be, ‘I want to transform my life. I understand life transformation is a very important aspect today. I want to go beyond; it's no fun just living a life on a daily basis. I am struggling and am not happy doing what I am doing. This is the time that you take your life in your hands and in your control and you begin to transform your inner world.

How do you do this? So,

  1. Get some books
  2. Listen to audio programs
  3. Go attend seminars and workshops
  4. Bring some tools and strategies to your life
  5. Find a role model, someone who you can look up to and who can inspire you
  6. Clean up all the negativity from your life

Do these and you will immediately see that your life will begin to transform. But yes, you must commit to it. 

For more resources on our program visit and if you have any questions regarding life transformation, do comment. I would love to hear your feedback – what do you do for life transformation, what is your story? If you have a personal experience of doing something that has transformed your life, I would love to hear that as well. I wish you life transformation in your life. Till then, Stay Alive, stay Fearless!