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If you have a DREAM, Let’s make it REAL…


I think what messes up our mind, emotion & life the most is either lack of a dream or having a dream and not able to make it a reality… not able to believe enough and take action.

I would not have been able to shoot this video and write to you if I would have listened to the people who told me my dream was not possible or practical.

Listen… I know you have a dream, else you would not be on my list and reading this.

Watch the video and let’s begin small, begin today and make this happen.

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Do you have a dream?

Are you working on getting your dream fulfilled in reality?

Are you passionate? Are you waking up every morning that I have this dream and I want to make it a reality in my life before I die?

Or are you someone who is just living life as it comes. One job to another, morning to evening, just moving one career to another, going from one place to another place? And you really don’t know whether you have achieved something substantial goal or a dream and whether you have done something with your life or not?

So I want to talk about why is it so important to have a dream. Basically, the bottom line is that your dream keeps you Alive and Fearless.

What more can you ask for? Why do you want to be Alive and Fearless? Because you want to feel life, you want to be the energetic person that you can be;

Truly alive wanting to focus on something that you are passionate about that you want to create in reality and why fearless because you can only be fearless if you have a big dream in your life and if you are focusing on that dream and moving forward towards that dream, making sure nothing comes in the way!

Because there a lot of obstacles that are going to come in the way; people are going to stop you and there will be failures as well. People are going to say stop dreaming, it will not be possible. What if you fail, what if you fall?

That's the same thing that happened to me. When I dreamt that I wanted to be a Speaker, Trainer and Life Coach, everybody around me said it's not possible. It is a dream do it on the weekend and you cannot be a Speaker, Trainer and Life Coach.

This dream right now that I am living has truly made me Alive and Fearless. It has allowed me to transform lives of thousands of people across the globe and I want the same for you. I am sure you have a dream, I am sure you are when you are growing up as a child and as you moved into your career, you had a dream.

Now let me tell you the differentiating factor between a dream and a fantasy. When do you have a fantasy? When you see something and you are young, you fantasize that I want to be this, I want to become like that, basically, that dies as you move forward. Fantasies don't keep up with you as you move on and grow in life. Dreams, on the other hand, if you have a dream then check with yourself - is it something that is still deep inside your heart? When you go to work, at your job or business, there is this voice in your head that says, ‘What if I could achieve this, or what if I would have done this or I really wanted to pursue this’ But for lack of resources, lack of commitment, lack of belief, lack of passion or energy or social support, you have killed your dreams; you’ve put your dream on the back burner.

I want you to bring that dream upfront; you might be someone who is saying, ‘Murtaza! Good for you but I have bills to pay, I have expenses, I am in my middle age and I have my responsibilities and I can't go start my dream.’ I totally agree but can you not give a little time to your dream apart from your livelihood and bring it back to life? Because that's what I did when I was in my college; I didn't go for the engineering career, that I was pushed into. I said it is now or never; I jumped into it and there were a lot of difficulties. What truly made the difference is that when I had a dream, nothing could distract me. I was laser-focused on what I wanted and there was only one way for me to move forward for my dream. That made me truly alive and Fearless. I felt good about life.

So if you have a dream, then I highly, highly, highly urge you that you must make sure your dream comes true. Because if you are not doing that, it's a disservice to your community; it a disservice to your own self. It is not a coincidence that the dream came to you. What if I wouldn't have become a Speaker, Trainer and Life Coach? There are hundreds of thousands of lives that I have touched and I wouldn't be able to do that if I wouldn't have pursued my dream. So since you do have a dream, I would highly recommend you to bring it to life because if you are not happy about your dream if you are saying it’s not going to be possible, it's complete b*******!

We know people like Dhirubhai Ambani, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, and Wright Brothers who had a dream and people told them that it would not be possible. But they made it happen. There are a number of examples of people who dreamt and made their dream come true.

Now there is a difference between people who just dream and people who actually move their butt to go and achieve the dream. Who are you? Are you somebody who wants to make the dream come true or are you somebody wants to just sit around and be comfortable? If you are the latter, you are going to die with regret, I promise you that! If you don't want to die with regret, then you must get up and start moving forward with your dream. It doesn't matter whether you have to go directly jump towards your dreams! No dream came true immediately or in a few months. It takes time for the dream to manifest and come to life. But it’s not the result; today I am on my way, I would not say that I have reached but I am on my way. It’s fun, it's adventurous – I’m having a ton of fun doing these videos, spreading the message helping all of you who are watching this video and that’s what makes me truly Alive and Fearless.

And that is what I want for you! Now if you are somebody who really wants to make the dream come true, then you need to find an expert to help you. You need to find somebody who you can role model. You need to get the knowledge in place. You need to take that first step which is the correct step to move towards your dream. You have to get the mechanics, the strategy, the finance, the idea, the branding, the marketing, the business or the dream job that you want to achieve. That's where all the fun is. That's what makes one truly alive and fearless and that's what you are going to achieve.

So if you are someone who is not really happy doing what you are doing; ‘I'm not happy what I am doing, I am frustrated, I am irritated, I get distracted very easily, I procrastinate or I am not happy with my relationships or I don't feel like getting up in the morning..’

My answer to all those questions is, find your dream or reconnect to your dream. I promise you once you reconnect to your dream and once you start on the path, it might not be so financially viable. It might be difficult in the beginning, it might seem impossible in the beginning. People, family, friends might not appreciate it but in the long run, you will truly realize that this was the path for you!

If you have achieved your dream already, then I highly recommend you find a bigger, larger dream and move to the next level. Serve people, share your wealth and knowledge with others. If you are somebody who resonates with this video and want to make your dream alive, open up your safety nets and go out to get it, do that. If you have any questions regarding this video or making your dream come true, do write at [email protected] and subscribe to our channel for more life transformation videos.

Till I meet you in the next video, Stay alive and fearless. Dream big, stay strong!

See you soon. Thank you!