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How To Overcome Fear & Why Fear Is Good For You

How to overcome fear? A lot of people ask me this question. But did you know that fear is good for your growth? 

Every time I come across fear... I tell myself “ It’s time to grow”
Let me explain...

If fear would not have existed...everyone would have been successful & rich.

But that’s a good thing, RIGHT!

Only people who can look at fear in the eye and have the courage to walk over it… succeed.

To be able to do that you need to change your perspective of fear from being something bad to Fear is good!

Leave a comment below about what you do to overcome fear and share your perspective. Would love to know how you relate to fear.

Overcome your fears and Stay Fearless!


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How To Overcome Fear & Why Fear Is Good For You

Walk over fear.

To be fearless, obviously, you have to walk over fear.

*To the audience*, Is fear good or bad?

How many of you said, good? Nobody?  Apart from one person and two!

Now the relationship with fear; right now, what is fear? Fear is a feeling in your body that makes you sick, feel like puking, stressed out, headache, you start trembling, sweating, your heartbeat gets fast..anything else? Nervousness? ‘Oh my God! I don't know what's going to happen!’ and fear of the unknown.

Now all of this is fear. Now, where does all of this happen? In your body – biologically. And that is connected to your mind.

Anything in your life that is coming your way or that you want to do, your mind is your signal that this is something that is unknown. So immediately your body gets into a state of panic or fear.

Is it bad that it happens? Is it the fault of your mind that happens to your body?

No! It’s the fight or flight response of your body.

But there isn’t a lion here, is it? Is there a lion coming to eat you? But our body as human species is designed to get into that state, in your mind and your body because of our ancestors since they were hunters and their survival and life was at stake. When we evolved, who's the lion now? My boss, my problems, the unknown, maybe the girlfriend/ boyfriend who I want to propose to; don't you freak out sometimes when you love this girl and you are like ‘Oh my God! I want to say I love you and that girl is going to rage at me!’ But that is only biological. Biology is at play on your mind.

My question was, is fear good or bad? You guys said, bad; my God I don't want to get into the state as I still remember and my tummy is still hurting me from that last time. Some of you must be feeling, ‘He’s just talking and I am already feeling something.’ You still remember that; sitting here, five years or ten years ago and you still experience that.

Fear is not bad; it is something that is natural and it happens to tell you, your body and your mind that something you are doing is not known and you are not confident enough; that's why you are in this state.

What we do as a human being when we feel fear? Immediately, we take flight. You always put yourself out of that situation. You go away, you don't talk to that customer; we don't talk to that boss and fail to manage that relationship because of fear of the unknown; you don't take that career jump because you’re feeling fear.

So now what happens when you don't do that?

*To the audiences* More alive, less alive? More fearless less fearless?

For those of you who saw fear in the face, and stated that now I am going to walk over it – all of you have done it, once in your life for something or the other! Maybe you were pushed to do it and you had no choice, probably might not have done it on your own. But when you did it, when you walked over it, how did you feel?

More alive or less alive? More fearless or less fearless? More confident or less confident? More energy or less energy? More happiness or less happiness?

Why? Because you walked over fear.

So is fear good or bad? Should you walk over fear or no?

Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai!  
When you see something fearful, you say, you don’t know about this, you have never done this, you don’t have enough competency, you are getting into an unknown territory…

Because we know that growth and transformation are in stepping into the unknown.

That's where growth and transformation happens; there is no growth and happiness in where you are comfortable. You will rot there after some time!

No growth is equal to death!