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How To Overcome Any Failure Or Setback


Fear of failure is the #1 dream killer! okay I might have exaggerated a little bit…

But it’s true, how many times have you not done something because you feared failing.

Let’s understand where has this term come from and bust it once and for all.

If you master failure you will become unstoppable.

Leave me a comment or feedback on how you deal with failure.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.


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In this video, I want to talk to you about failure.  This is a term that has been conditioned in our heads long back, when we were young. Remember the multiple times you gave exam and you got the results.  It was either pass or fail.

This is a condition that people have told us, friends, family, teachers and society - did you pass? Did you clear? Did you get through the exams?

From childhood to teen age to adulthood, this thought of failure has taken a part in our heads, emotions and DNA.  When we move into different phases of life, like choosing a career, getting a job or even at interviews or getting a spouse, we have this thought to pass- clear this stage of life with flying colors.

The bad news here is that there is no pass or fail after school, college and academics. When you come to life, career, relationships, finance and health, personal confidence, communication and self esteem, there is no failure.

‘What is it? Why do I feel like a loser, failure and emotionally hurt?’

The reason is, that you are linking that to the past.  To your academics.  When you launch a project, choose a career or make a product or get married, you fear failure. People should not term me as a failure. I know how it feels to be a failure so I don't want to feel that.


The truth is there is no failure.  There is only feedback, there are only results.

If you don't like the feedback or results in your job and career, finance, income, marriage, parenting or any other area of life, you need to change your behavior.  You need to change your approach; you need to do something different to get different results.

There is no ‘That's it!’ Like ‘I got a divorce so I'm finished.  I failed in a business so I am never going to start another business.  I was fired from a job so I won't be able to make it. I did something with my passion and I didn't get the results. So I am a failure and I am not going to go further.’

Imagine the successful people with great achievements in life.  The scientists, inventors, even common people who have reach great heights. They have not stuck to their failure. They instead said, 'I'm going to try again. I am going to learn from my experiences and move forward.'

So my invitation to you is not get stuck on failure. When I started my career, there were ups and downs. Some days were good while some days were horrible. Some days I thought I am a failure and will I be able to do this or not. But then I reminded myself that, 'Hey!  There is no failure there are only results. If you didn't get the results, change the approach. Change something in your own self because you are the creator of your own results.'

Just do it differently. Go to an expert. Find somebody who has done it.  Learn the skills and strategies. Learn how other people are doing it better as it's already been done. Role model successful people. When you see their graphs, you will see that they have gone through a lot of feedback, lot of setbacks. But one thing they did not do was stop. They learnt from it and moved to the next level.

Don't be stuck with failure in any area of your life. Just think of it as a result and if you didn't like the results, try something else.

When people challenge failure, they challenge the results and move forward and never give up, we call it living an alive and fearless life.

Hope this video serves you to cope with any past or current failure you are struggling with. Let me know if you like this video.  Subscribe to our channel. Shout out suggestions in comments section.

Stay Alive. Stay Fearless. Dream big and keep producing awesome results.

I will see you in the next video. Thank you!