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How to kill the STRESS MONSTER


Have you ever been stressed in life? I am assuming you have, I always use to wonder what is stress and how do I deal with this huge MONSTER in my life.

I finally got the answer…. Stress is just a story and it's very easy to remove. Just follow the 3 steps in the video.

If not dealt with stress can cause all sorts of havoc in your, health, parenting, marriage, socially and much more...

Watch this video to immediately bust any stress you might have today or share it with someone you know who might be in stress.

Leave me a comment … How do you deal with stress?

Let’s go BUST some stress  and take control of our life.

 - Murtaza

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Welcome back to the life transformation blog.

Have you ever been stressed? About relationships, career, health, business or life? I am sure all of us have been.

Today's topic is about stress. I am going to tell you why you get stressed, what it actually is and how to bust it. 

Let's begin

What's stress defined as?

We've all been stressed. Define and dissect this monster we have all experienced.

Stress is a bad story we have built in our head about a situation in order to not take responsibility for it.

Whether it's a bad relationship, business or income, you give up take stress and make up a bad story about it in your head.

  1. Not accepting the responsibility and not accepting the reality.

Something is happening in your life and you are not ready to deal with it. Maybe you don't know how and you are not equipped, you don't have knowledge and support. That's making you stressful.

  1. Not taking responsibility, makes your mind go into a sulking mode - bad , horrible story.
  2. You don't want to take responsibility. You feel you cannot control it and want to run off.

That's what makes it stressful.

Being in the state of stress is more effort and doesn't take you anywhere.

How do we want to take responsibility? Well, first believe that you can take complete control of your situation. You might not be able to make people do things or make that customer buy your product or increase your income, but you can take complete control if yourself and then influence any situation - other people, career, your spouse, your income.


So how do you bust stress?

  1. Take control and accept the reality.

Go ahead and accept the real, people and your situation and yourself. Appreciate whatever you have and accept it.

  1. Eliminate the bad stories.

Come from a place of gratitude. Gratitude kills stress. You want be thankful in all situations that's making you stressful. Because it could have been worse and it's not.

  1. Take control.

Say it's my life, my spouse, my income. I am not going to be sulking and letting other people take control over your life. You have to be Alive and Fearless enough. Bring back that energetic person who takes charge and changes their situation.

I hope this video helps you bust stress in all areas of your life. Share with me if something is stressing you out and what are you going to do about it.

Stay Alive, stay Fearless. Dream big stay strong.

Stay tuned for the next video. Thank you!