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How To Handle Any Unexpected Breakdown In Life


I was on my way to Rampura, a small village in Madhya Pradesh, India…. and suddenly we had our car breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

Black smoke started coming out from the engine and all of us had to evacuate the car immediately as we had no clue what was happening.

It was dark, spooky and cold… it was decided that our car was not in a condition to travel in and we had to call for a new car.

During the waiting period… my colleague suggested that since we are stuck here let's shoot a video sharing our experience and some learning on unexpected breakdowns in life.… so we did and it was fun!

We all experience some sort of failures or breakdowns in our relationships, health, career, business and sometimes with ourselves. What is our reaction, how do we handle breakdowns and move forward?

If we just take a moment and not give an immediate reaction to any breakdown in life, we will eventually realize that it is just another opportunity to learn, grow and become stronger.

What was your worst breakdown in life and how did you handle it?

Leave me a comment and share your experience.

- Murtaza

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Hi! This is Murtaza Badri, and we are in the middle of nowhere! 

This is the Madhya Pradesh highway, I’m with my family en-route Rampura to meet my parents. It’s a town in Madhya Pradesh, India. Unfortunately, it’s 3 a.m. and my car has broken down and we’re just waiting for another car to come here. It could probably take another two hours so I could take this time to shoot out another blog video for you guys.

What I really want to talk about is we don’t know what life has in store for us. I have a program in the morning; I was scheduled to reach at 4 am and now I’m stuck here. Nevertheless, what happens is we have a plan and we want to do something in our life. We are very excited to go ahead and suddenly, boom, a breakdown happens. Sometimes, you’re okay with the breakdown and sometimes, you are upset.

I have with me my family, my kids and my colleague Murtaza Shakir, who’s shooting this video right now. We just thought that since we are here, let’s make it an adventure. We had fun in the dhaba behind, with hot tea and snacks. We took some pictures and we are just enjoying over here. It’s freezing, around 12 degrees, but it’s all good. 

In life, something like this happens to us, maybe in our relationships, health, business or career. Breakdowns happen and we sometimes get so upset – asking, ‘why me, why did it happen to me and why at this particular time?’ We never know why this particular time, but what I do know is that we need to be alive and fearless. Smoke was coming out of our car; it was scary and adventurous both! We finally decided that it wouldn’t work and we had to get a new car to pick us up.

In life if we just stick to just being there and enjoying what is around us, we can overcome any setbacks and obstacles that come our way rather than panicking our way to the situation. We don’t know what God has in store for us. We don’t know why something happens and what will come out of it.

The only thing we must focus on is stay alive, stay fearless and dream big, move forward. Look at tomorrow and just be happy where we are.

I hope this video serves you. It’s chaotic but I thought it was a unique video to shoot. I hope the message gets across. Stay Alive, stay Fearless. Overcome obstacles and make the best out of what you get. Dream big and stay strong. I’ll see you in the next video and thank you for watching.