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How to Give 100% in EXAMS for a SECURE Future


I could never understand the mad rush for scoring in exams…it's like some genie has guaranteed that if you score well, you will have a great future. Don’t get me wrong, exam and scores are important. But if you are a fish all you need is just water : ) right! Never mind, watch the video where I explain what i really mean and what’s important to create a great future and life. Hope it Helps!

My mother always told me study! study! study! or else you will not be able to become someone.

I understand today…she just wanted me to be successful and happy in life : ) and that’s what I want to share with parents and students on what’s really important to achieve success.

This 9 minute video can help you change your child's approach towards exams

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- Murtaza

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In this video, I want to answer a question we get from parents.

'How do I get my child to study? How do I prepare my child to do his best and get 100% or best percentage in his examinations?'

I gave a training program, one for the kids and a separate one for the parents recently. After the interaction, the feedback I got from students is, 'I study well, I know my matter but when I go to give my exams, somehow I cannot recollect, I forget and I get stressed.'

When I asked them the reason for their stress, I got an answer; it was shocking to hear that. They said the stress was because of parents’ expectations.

My video is addressed to the parents; how do you inspire your child to get the best results the child can get and how can you get best results too. We will talk about mindsets, approach to the topic of examinations.

Let's start with a story. There were two teams playing a football match. One team was average, the other team was an expert. The average team lost the match. After the match, the coach of the average team rounded up the players and asked them, ‘Did you give your 100 percent?’ To which all players resounded, ‘Yes! We did!’ The coach said, ‘We haven't lost, we actually won.’

Now the winning team coach also rounded up his players and asked them the same question. 'Did you give your 100 percent?' The winning team players said, 'We didn't have to, the team was average and we won easily.' The coach said to this, ‘We didn't win, we actually lost.’

The moral of the story is it's not about the end result. It's about how much you give during your examination.

What I want to suggest is inspire your child to give their 100 percent for any examination. Don't fixate them on achieving an X result. With the fear of trying to achieve the results, they are not able to perform well. They freak out on being yelled at, compared with and are under the pressure, which doesn't allow them to give their 100 percent.

To the kids, when you study, don't do it to get a number of marks. Do it because you want to learn and grow. Give your 100 percent. Worrying about the results will affect you writing in examinations.

Parents, I know you want your kids to succeed. But don't pressurize them to get results. Inspire them, cheer them and motivate them to give their best. I understand there are students out there for whom, 60 percent is their 100 percent. For some others 95 percent is also not their 100 percent. So how can you compare? Why do you need to compare? Understand it with this metaphor, if your child is a fish, it cannot climb a tree. If your child is a lion, it cannot do well indoors.

Why do parents want their kids to get percentage? Well so that they can get into the best colleges and pursue a degree, become lawyers, CA or doctors.. why do you want them to pursue a profession? So that they earn well and survive and live a good life. What we highly recommend in today's world, to inspire your child to find what they want to do in life, not what they want to become. Ask them questions like, 'Do you want to get into the healthcare industry and change lives? Become a doctor! Do you like numbers and finance and economics? Well, you could become a CA. '

If you ask me, I wanted to transform lives and become Alive and Fearless. I wanted to help people live a life they love every single day. In order to do that, I had to become a Speaker Trainer and Life Coach.

Go ahead inspire your child to do what they want to do, not become. It's your life, what do you want to do. In order to do that what do you need to pursue? In order to pursue that, what academics you need to get? In order to get those academics, you need to give your 100 percent. Not to achieve 100 percent marks only for examinations. 

Do not push them to get best of marks, but push them to give the best of their efforts. When they achieve whatever they have, celebrate. Ask them if they did their best. If yes, then amazing! If not, inspire them to do it next time. 

Hope this helps you change your perspective and do your best in exams and life.

Stay Alive, stay Fearless. Dream big stay strong.

Stay tuned for the next video. Thank you!