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How to Detect & Destroy (Overcome) DEPRESSION


It starts with an upset… then moves to sadness, low esteem and finally depression. It’s a mental
state that affects your emotions and then slowly takes over your body and life. In this blog video I
explain how to detect and overcome depression.

I also explain if someone actually has depression or they are just faking it to gain attention, care
or love.

WARNING: If depression is not destroyed in the early phase… it will eventually suck the life out
of the person. Let’s detect and destroy this disease and help others do the same.

Share in the comment box below if you have ever experienced depression and how have you
coped with it.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.

- Murtaza


Today, I am talking about DEPRESSION.

YES! The big word – DEPRESSION!

How many times have you heard..
“I am depressed!”
“I don’t know what to do!”
“I am feeling depressed!”
“I feel sad!”
..from friends, family and people around us?

So in today’s video, I want to help you detect depression, well, whether you really have
depression or you’re just faking it.

And I’m going to talk about 3 ways to bust and destroy this sucker! *fist pump in the air*

We have what we call as 3 Ds to identify depression and 3 Ds to bust it.

So let’s start with the first part – how do you identify if someone is in depression?

a) Disinterest
The person starts being disinterested in life. The person is not Alive and Fearless! The person
just wants to live life as it comes. There’s no hope, lack of excitement, shortfall of energy and no enthusiasm at all. The person doesn’t want to do anything; you say, “Hey! You want to catch a
movie?” and the standard responses will be –
“I just don’t want to do anything!”
“I just want to sit home!”
They are not at all interested in living life.

b) Dual Personality
Have you seen somebody, who’s like, sitting mutely, and if you just touch them (or approach
them) they go ballistic? They become extreme aggressive in just a fraction of a second, and they
suddenly break down – they start crying, sobbing if you will. And they say, “I don’t know why am I
crying, I feel like crying, I just want somebody’s shoulder..” So from shaking with aggression to
tears falling, they have extreme personalities. Instances like, they overeat or under-eat, they
oversleep or they can’t sleep at all, very aggressive or very timid. Suddenly, people around them start feeling, what is wrong with this person, it’s beyond my understanding.

c) Disconnection
When the person disconnects from social environments, it is a sign that they are depressed.
They stop going out with friends, social events, parties, marriages, or just going out in a park,
garden or even a movie. Disconnecting socially with the entire world is a major sign of

Point to be noted: Please do NOT go and take medication. They don't need medication
unless that person is behaving weird, like he might come at someone with a knife. Then you
might want to reach out for medical help. So unless the person is behaving abnormally, please
don't do any medication. It might just make him more like a zombie and put him on medication.
There are chances the guy might freak out too, more so please understand that!

Now the second part – three steps you can take to immediately bust depression – destroy
the guy!

1) Have a sense of Direction
Anyone who falls in depression, kind of loses purpose in life. They’re going on their way strong
and suddenly, something is taken away from them – some loved one, business, or a job and the person completely feels directionless. They feel aimless; they feel they have nothing to look
forward to! They have nothing to wake up for, to feel Alive and Fearless!

Get direction in your life; find out what you are passionate about. It could be anything – a hobby,
a job, or helping out in an orphanage or some social work and contribution. Doesn’t matter what
– it should be something you wake up to do! What I may call, a direction!

2) Daily routine
Get yourself a set daily routine. Get up in the morning, go exercise, get your ‘butt’ out there and start walking. Eat healthy food; take breakfast in the morning. Head out to do some work, return and have lunch in the afternoon. Follow it by some work to do in the evening. Then have some time to spend with loved ones, socialize with friends, anything! Keep yourself busy. Have a good daily routine.

If you know someone in depression, get the person out of the house. Ask him to do something; sit with the person and say, ‘Let’s schedule your day!’ and make the person excited.

3) Diet
What you eat, impacts the way think! The food that goes in your stomach/ gut, affects the way
you think! Along with that important is your blood circulation, the energy to get over depression or sadness. Get your energy levels up; a depressed person has a low energy level. Their shoulders are drooped, face down, energy level zero and they don’t want to do anything.

You do not want to be that way! You want your energy levels to be up and running. Make sure
you eat healthy, whether in depression or not.

So eating healthy and on time, eating limited food and having a lot of water. Water is an
important component; hydrating well. Not starving the body, not oversleeping, not under-sleeping, sleeping on time and taking care of the body are very important measures to destroy
depression. As this will invariably help you think right! It does not let your brain get clogged.

Let’s revise!
1. Have some direction
2. Have a daily routine
3. Keep a tab on your diet and ensure you eat healthy.

Doing these three things, I assure the person (or you) will automatically start feeling good about

I hope this video helps you identify if someone is struggling in depression by those three
symptoms. Forward this video to them and help them get over depression.

Any questions you have, share it in the comments below as I will be more than happy to answer them for you!

Till then, Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream Big, Stay Strong!

And I’ll see you soon in the next video.