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How To Declutter Your Life, and WHY.


I entered 2016 cleaning up (started to declutter)… my personal space, my digital space and my mind of all things, thoughts and data that I had not used for a year.

felt a little pain throwing away few things because I had some attachment to them… but they were of no use to me. So I took pictures of them and digitally stored them. But I must share that at the end it feels reeeeally gooood!

Now… of course I have a few physical things which are priceless... but only a few : )

I shot a small video to inspire you and share some tips to clean not only your physical space, but also your mind, emotion and Information. It’s less than 8 min and has a ton of info.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you cleaned or threw away and how did it feel at the end or if you have any questions.


Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.


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Are you suffering from lack of space?

Are you a person who fills up the wardrobe, the drawer, the computer the laptop and your cell phone?

So, you are struggling with space! You don't have space in your life, or even in your house and suddenly you feel “Oh my God” claustrophobic!

You know what’s happening? Your life is full of clutter! You need to start de-cluttering! What do I mean? You need to start throwing away things that you do not use! You need to start organizing; not the clutter but the stuff which is good from the clutter. So this video I am going to talk about how you de-clutter your life. 

We’re just not going to talk about the physical clutter, but also the mental, emotional and the informational clutter that is in your head!

Let’s take the first one.

1) Physical Clutter

From the onset of 2016, I have started de-cluttering my life. I begin my every year with screening of my stuff, and cleaning up my wardrobe – shirts, t-shirts, footwear, watches, cleaning up my digital files, sorting my financial records and personal items that I do not use any more.

Now I have this thumb rule; anything that I do not use for one entire year, I start removing them – out of my drawer, house and life. 

You could either give it away to charity, or your friends and family; things that are good stuff but you don't like to use it anymore. It could be a t-shirt which you used, but now you don't like it – give it away! It might be something which is not working, is broken – throw it away, let it go! Don't spend your time trying to fix things or repair them – it’s not worth it! The digital clutter in your laptop – you have backups; then you have backups of the very same backups! So you’re going crazy and obviously at a loss of what to do with them; sit with it and if you know that you’ve not gone back to those backups in a year, you probably don't need them. So just hit the delete button! 

Let’s talk about your mind.

2) Mental Clutter

Now when you have so much physical clutter in your life and in your house, your mind is just stressed. That’s because you can't find anything that you want; you can't find anything in terms of documents, on the laptop or in the house. You know in your mind and heart, that I have this particular thing stored somewhere right here. But it’s going to take you hours just to find it. So what do you do? You go ahead and buy it! So you actually don’t end up using the stuff you thought to keep for future use. 

Your mind is completely stressed and that leads to emotional anxiety, anger, irritation and frustration. You get enraged because you can't find things you. You clutter your time because you are wasting time with unnecessary effort, searching for things that you could have been better organised, only if you would have thrown away and de-cluttered your physical space.

You know, in your mind, are you thinking about negative stuff all the time? Things which are really not important – ‘Why did that person say this to me’ or ‘Why did this happen to me’ or ‘Why am I not able to do this’ or ‘Am I a good person’ or ‘Am I good enough’? These are mind clutters; these are thoughts cluttering your mind which you need to get rid of. When you free your mind of these negative thoughts then guess what happens? You actually free up space for more positivity to come in; you make space for positive thoughts and positive emotions.

Now it’s our heart’s turn.

3) Emotional Clutter

These are the baggage you have been carrying from the past. Emotional hurts, forgiving someone or not asking for forgiveness. You have this big boulder on the chest that you are moving around with. 

How do you de-clutter your emotions? Very simple! Ask forgiveness, let it go! Whatever happened let it pass and remove it. Have more good emotions come in. Be happy. We always say, ‘Stay Alive and stay Fearless.  The more emotional clutter you release, the more mental clutter you clean up, the more physical clutter you give away, you will start feeling more Alive and Fearless to do more things in your life.

And the information storehouse – our brain.

4) Informational Clutter

The information and knowledge clutter that you have; it’s huge! Somebody comes and tells you ‘Have a secure job and don't go for your passion’ - it's a clutter. Somebody else tells you ‘It's better to be safe than sorry’ and you don't go ahead with what you really want, again completely a clutter. Somebody tells you that ‘Don't get into this emotion or relation because you might get hurt’, it’s clutter. Because of this fear of getting hurt, fear of losing something, fear of being safe, fear of ‘what if’ when going after something which is risky, is your information clutter. It is sitting like knowledge in your head and you’re actually completed driven by this information clutter.

So the physical clutter, the mental clutter, emotional and knowledge clutter that you have clean it up! Clean all of it up and I promise you, you will have a fantastic year and life ahead.

You will not believe, once you start creating space in your life – physically, mentally – good things will start coming in. If you are a person who goes “OH MY GOD! Don't touch my stuff; I have emotional attachment with it” and go crazy when somebody throws away some of your things, let it go!

Now I understand that there are a lot of things that are of value to us; stuff which we have emotional attachment with. Keep them; it’s good, but small things which you can store and reach easily, sure! You can appreciate it, look at it and just revisit once in a while. But if you have, like a pile of photographs, you can go ahead and scan them; take advantage in this digital world. Get it in a pen drive or a small hard disk and you’re good. A complete drawer full of physical cards or photographs in a small pen drive! 

So when you start thinking, how do I reduce stuff, you will automatically come up with ideas as to how to clean your life. And once you clean your life, physically mentally emotionally along with the information and knowledge, you will, what we say, live a more Alive and Fearless life. J

I hope this video serves you and you can start your year with a lot more space. If you have any questions or if you have any suggestions when you start to declutter your life, do write to us at [email protected] or alternatively, leave us a comment below. Let me know how it goes, and what you think about this.

Thank you for watching and I'll see you soon in the next video.