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How To Be Happy Instantly


I know you just want to be happy in life… who does not! But are we happy living life, doing what we are doing. The big question is how do I become happy and stay there. Watch the video on how to gain happiness instantly and keep it irrespective of your life situation.

From childhood, we have been trained, conditioned and motivated to run after happiness… people tell us “be happy… be happy… be happy…” but no one really knows how or when does this race end… or if it ends at all. In this video, I share a simple formula to instantly gain happiness for life.

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Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG. Stay Strong.

– Murtaza

Do you want to be happy instantly?
In this video, I'm going to show you how to get happy from an upset or a frustration on irritation or something that is not worked in your life. Do you want to know how?

Very simple technique. Change Your Focus.

What do I mean? Well, understand this, that when you are unhappy or when you're feeling upset or sad or depressed or get negative feelings;

What are you focusing on?

Is your focus on something which is good in your life or is your focus on something which is bad in your life?

Something negative, a problem which cannot be solved or somebody said something which you don't like or you didn't get the results that you really wanted to get. So, the moment you focus on something which is a negative belief or a negative thought or a negative emotion instantly your entire physiology gets into a mode of being unhappy; Because you are focusing on something which is not positive, which is not good, which is bad, but what happens is this is a natural phenomenon which human beings automatically follow and this has been conditioned from childhood.

So, let’s say when you got a score in your exam which was not up to the mark for your parents and they got upset, there was negativity, they yelled at you, they scolded you, you felt upset. You wanted a candy, you wanted something which was not given to you, you felt upset. You wanted to go to picnic and you were denied and you became unhappy and then as you gradually grew
up, and you went to your school and college and everything that you wanted or you wanted not to happen and the opposite happened, you focused on the negative and you got upset, you got unhappy.

Now, the same unhappiness pattern is on your mind today. So, you have been automatically trained in your childhood to focus on something external to be happy. So, the moment you focus on something external which is negative you start feeling unhappy.

So, the solution; What do I do?

This is what is happening, what should you do?

The solution is very simple. Look at something which is positive. Find something which is happy, positive, good, something to appreciate, something which you have not probably thought of. So, for example, I am upset about my job, my salary, focus on at least you have
a job. I'm upset my wife didn't do something, focus on at least you have a wife; My kids are not behaving the way I want them to behave, at least you have kids.

You Get What You Focus On. If you focus on the nice, good part of your life and I am sure you have something good. Some of you might be going, you have no clue what my life is all about, it’s horrible, it’s miserable, nothing is going correct, I’m out of control, things are not happening, my finances, my health, my relationships... Hold on, Hold on! There is something good in your life today, I promise you that. If you just hold on, take a deep breath, focus on something good in your life, you will start feeling happy.

Now, you might say, I have certain things, I’m happy about, good things, so, what if I just focus on them, are you saying that automatically the ones which are not working are going to go away or by something magical it will resolve itself?

No, I’m not saying that but what I’m saying is start focusing on something which is positive and then you will get positive. So, you get what you focus on. The goodness in somebody, the good things that are happening, the best part of your life today and the moment you get a positive
energy and you feel good about what you have, something yes, magical happens.
You start getting the energy, the fearlessness, the being alive, that yes, my life is good and it’s not that bad and once you feel that feeling the physiology changes, the mind changes and suddenly boom! You start thinking correct and you start focusing on the good thing and you start focusing then on the solution. You look at the challenges of life as an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than saying, “Oh my God! What do I do?” And the more the more you focus on good things the more Alive and Fearless you will become.

Happiness is not something which is external, happiness is not something like when something will happen, an ‘X’ goal will happen, then I will be happy. Happiness is right now, happiness is today, happiness is in the moment, to begin with. So, you can get the happiness when put your focus on something which is good, which is nice, which is positive,
you start feeling happy and in the state of being happy you start moving on to address all the challenges of your life.

I don't care if it’s a financial problem, a relationship problem, a parenting problem, it's a business problem, career, on the job, my personal health, my personal mind; All these problems are going to be something which you will love solving, which will be exciting, you will be Alive and Fearless and go at it.

Challenge the problems itself and you will have fun solving it, only if you focus on the good first. So, you will get what you focus on, focus on what is good in your life. Be happy right now and then go address your problems.

I hope this serves you and moves your focus from something which is negative in your life to something which is good in your life. And once you change that focus, just try it on, once you change that focus, I promise you, you will feel different. And the moment you feel different, you will start behaving differently.

So, Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Stay Strong. Dream Big.

Thank You