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Fights & Marriages: How to Handle it


I am married 12 years and I can’t even remember how many times me and my wife must have fought…but what’s important is how we handle the fights and use it to fuel our marriage rather than break it. In this blog video I share 3 important mindsets for couples to handle any type of
fights effectively.

I believe if you are married and are not having fights… you are probably not talking to each other or are in the “silent zone” : ) been there !!!

This video will fry your brains and even shock some of you who struggle during a bad fight and have no clue how to resolve it.

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For all you married couples… Stay Alive & Fearlessly married and don’t let the fights get you.

- Murtaza

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Fights and marriages. Topic for today.

Hi I am Murtaza Badri and I have been married for 12 years and I am still Alive and Fearless.

If you are married for years or are about to get married, accept this one thing. Fights are going to happen.

But it does not have to end with heartache, pain and suffering. So I will share with you mindsets that will help you enjoy the fights.

1. Fights are good
You need to fight. Because it is inevitable. And also, we only fight with people you love. That's a sign of love.

But what happens is rather than thinking about fights being good, we are programmed to not fight, put it aside. That channelizes it into a negative energy.

2. Focus on the fight
Don't focus on the stuff that is said in the fight. Enjoy it and whatever is said, do not focus on that. If it's a difference of opinion and you fight, either will say stuff to each other.

When the fight is done, move on. Either agree or agree to disagree. After the fight, please do not dig in!

Focus on the fight, get over it and do not get hung up on what is said in the fight.

3. Protect your love when you fight
In the process of quarrelling, you must focus on the love. Agree or disagree, but still say, I love you. You might have said bad things to each other, but end it with a ‘I still love you.’

When you fight and there's hurt, please communicate that. And the other party, listen and go apologize.

Do not let your ego come in between. There is going to be a difference of opinion and either one is not going to do things the way you want them to. Agree or disagree, close the chapter and move on.

Marriages and fights are bound together. Do not let your fights ruin your married life. And again, don't be couples who hesitate to fight; fight and get over with it.

Stay Alive & Fearless in your marriage.
Dream Big. Stay Strong.

Stay tuned for the next video. Thank you for watching.