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Don’t Pamper Your Children Prepare Them For Life


I am a father of two kids, a 6 year old son and 9 year old daughter and I often think… I can either pamper my children and feel good about it or I can train and prepare them for life.

I realized that my parenting must also prepare my child for all possible challenges that he/she
might face in life.

As a father if I don't train my child who will, watch the video where I explain in detail why
pampering and not preparing can be disastrous.

In the comment box below, share what's your parenting style? And how are you preparing
your child for life.

- Murtaza

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Good morning!

Welcome to the life transformation blog. Thank you for all the love and thank you for watching our videos. I have been receiving some amazing messages. And I would want to thank you all.

Today's topic is about parenting. And it's one that's close to my heart because I am a parent
myself. What I want to talk about is, don't pamper your child. Instead prepare him/ her to face
life, struggle, and face challenges in life to see them as an opportunity to grow.

As parents we want to pamper them, take care of them. We feel responsible for their food,
clothing and shelter and we want to give them everything and show them love in the way of
giving them what they want.

But pampering is not going to help them in the future. As parents our job is not to show so much love, but we have to prepare, teach and train them. We have to allow them to fall, to suffer and even get hurt and bleed.

Life isn't a walk in the park; life is going to throw boulders, and struggles. There will be difficult
times and people your kid will need to face when he or she grows up. The world out there will not be as good as you parents.

What I do is I allow my kids to go out by themselves, of course with a safety net especially if
there's a physical danger. I have seen fathers giving so much money to the sons that they don't have a clue how to manage. They have been given things that they might not even deserve at the age - it could be iPhones or laptops.

Anything your kid lays a finger on; you go out and get it for him, why? Well one reason could be that you didn't get it in your childhood and would want to provide it for your kid. Or second you think if you don't give it, you will be a bad parent. That's not true.

The job of the parent is to be creative and learning but at the same time allow the child to learn. You stand there and watch them do it. Ask them to do it, ask them to come with you to the bank or the ATM to withdraw money. ‘You shop I will watch. You bargain and I will keep an eye.
You want to talk to someone? Go do it; I won't talk to them for you. I will observe and then teach you, tell you how good you did, what mistakes you made and how could you have done it better.’

When I talk to parents, they are like, ‘we don't have time and it's just easier to do it ourselves.’
But my question remains, how is your child going to learn? Just making it easy will not make him learn. How will he fare when he's ready to go out in college or in interviews? He might get jittery or even intimidated, because all life he has received the safety net of parents.

I have seen teenagers who can't pack themselves for a trip. They can't make tea or simple
household chores. It doesn't matter whether it's a boy or a girl; parents need to teach them basic life skills.

My request to you parents is do not pamper, prepare your child. Teach different things for
different ages appropriately. In the parenting course we teach that the age group from 11 to 15 is the training age; they have to start getting trained for life. And after 15 they enter adulthood stage, they have to be prepared to face life.

Always be behind your child, observing them and being there as a moral support.

Parents, it's your opportunity to stop pampering them; they are over pampered anyway. Sit with your child and explain that they need to do it themselves. Sometimes kids might not be used to not getting pampered with things being done for them. So you might have to move the mindset from pampering to a little strict style of parenting. Get into the training mode for the lifelong benefit of your child.

Stay Alive, stay Fearless.
Dream big stay strong.

Stay tuned for the next video. Thank you for watching.