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Create a POSSIBILITY for SUCCESS – Firewalk Metaphor


We did a firewalk for 100 managers of an F&B giant. Few of them already believed they could firewalk, majority of them created a possibility that they could walk and a few were non-believers.

When you feel stuck and want to break free of any limitations, either personal or external… what do you need to do first? How does one live a fuller life, a life of meaning and Joy?

At the end, all of them walked on fire because of one reason? watch the video to find out.

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Create a POSSIBILITY for SUCCESS - Firewalk Metaphor

Hi, this is Murtaza Badri and welcome to Jaipur. We’re here for a firewalk event for a 100 sales managers for a giant FnB company.

In this video, I want to talk about possibilities. We often do not create possibilities for ourselves in our lives. We play small; we think little and are content with whatever comes our way.

In this video, I am going to cover a couple of things on how to create possibilities – a higher vision for ourselves and our families and our business.

What I wanted to discuss in this video is, we seldom create possibilities for ourselves. We did a fire walk for a 100 people and it was huge. People were actually amazed that they could walk on fire. For that, you need to make sure they visualize that they can walk on fire. Once you do that, when they walk, they become believers.

My question to you is, what is it that you think you cannot do? Whether it’s in your business, relationships, personal life and development.. Now visualize it, make it as a possibility that ‘I want to do this and it is possible for me!’

How do you make it as a possibility? You see someone else, you role model them and then proclaim that ‘If he/she could do it, so can I. If somebody can achieve something, so can I.’

Then once you develop that belief, that you can walk on fire, you then realize it, embody it in your mind and soul and emotion. Suddenly you will see, roads opening up, people coming to your support and the world aligns to what you really want possible in your life. So my invitation to you is go ahead and challenge yourself, visualize and create a possibility in you relationships, life, health, career, job or product or service that you are offering. Visualize that and then believe and go ahead and move forward in that direction. The direction that leads you to your vision and suddenly you will see everything aligned. You will be able to see a new perspective and you will become believers.

My invitation to you, become a believer, Stay alive and fearless. Dream big, stay strong!

See you soon. Thank you!