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CHANGE Or Be Left Behind


Dear Friends,
I had mixed feelings when I got the news of demonetization in India. The reason was that I knew change is always better than no change at all.... but that also meant disruption in the old ways.

Change is the new mantra for growth, success and financial freedom. It is something if not proactively done will be forced upon you.

Again this is not only in one area… but all areas of our life. Sometimes we are victims of change and other times we are also people who love, support and use it.

Only people who resist change, suffer. This goes way back to how we were raised and brought up.

Watch the video to learn more.

I hope you see change as a new way of life and love it...else you will be left behind.

Share with me in the comment box what change are you going through in your life today.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.

- Murtaza

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Do you see this mark on my finger? It's a sign of change.

Demonetization has happened in the country. And I did a little research of my own because I wanted to know the opinion of change with the general public.

The moment the Prime Minister declared that certain currencies won't be in use anymore, there was a widespread unrest. Now two kinds of people came into the picture.

1. Who were affected the most and could not digest this decision.

2. People who were not affected because they didn't have so much of the currency that was going to be withdrawn.

When I went to get people's opinions, I figured the public opinion is mixed. There are people who are accepting the new change, people who are neutral and there are people who are completely against it.

In this video, I want to focus on change. When we are born, we are very comfortable. For the longest period of life, we live in a secure environment with known processes, methods, daily routine, chores and friends and family and society, the way we look at education, money, parenting and marriage and even business. These are set in our mind very young. And when somebody declares it's not going to be the same anymore, we enter a state of panic.

Another example would be online trading. The moment these Giants have come up, the local retailers have been forced to change. Internet has changed the landscape too, especially with Amazon, Uber, Oyo rooms, Make my trip and similar companies. They are causing change throughout the world.

In this particular century, change has been looked at as a must. If you are not doing different, feeling, thinking and believing differently, then you will be left behind.

The new way of thinking, feeling and achieving is being alive and fearless. And not being threatened by change or disliking change.

Look at academics, career, business, marriage and even parenting, it's changed. There are no set ways; we have to do it differently. Right from business to even living; it's no longer having a single residence, living in the same locality, city the norm. Research states that in a lifetime you
got to move at least 4 cities, because of change.

Now the idea isn't to own and hoard things and store it. The Alive and Fearless person doesn't want to be held back; people are renting places, being free of all materialistic things and live a life they love without any burden.

If you are stuck in your relationship, health, the way you look at business, career, spouse and kids, it's time you register the change or you will be left behind.

Think about it. And let me know what you think.

Let's give change a chance. Don't oppose it, or resist it.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless.
Dream Big. Stay Strong.

Stay tuned for the next video.
Thank you for watching.