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Cause of your negative thinking and how to take control of your life.


The reason we sometimes feel loss, frustrated and can't stop my negative thinking is because along the journey of life we lost our self and our identity… who we were really born to be.

In this Life Transformation Blog video… I share how I lost myself in trying to fit in and made my life miserable and how I got a sweet realization : )

I know you have potential and you want to win in life and achieve all that you are capable of… I want to help.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.

- Murtaza

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Have you ever felt negative in your life? Has negative thinking cropped up in your mind about your spouse, children, business, income?

Sometimes these negative thoughts are so powerful, they take over and you start doubting yourself.

Why does this happen?

Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. When you were young, you didn't care about people telling you stuff. You did what you wanted to truly being Alive and Fearless. Well we all are like that in childhood.

What happens is, along the way, you suddenly wanted to be accepted by people and to be accepted by people, you had to fit in. It would be in college, in office or even in laws. You tried to do what they wanted you to do.

You need to hold your own identity, be who you were truly born to be. That's how you are.

So who ever you were in childhood, be that person, own that person and carry that person along.

When I got myself a corporate job, I had changed myself completely. I mean people who knew me told me that too. I would at first get irritated, but when I got some personal time, I realized that this wasn't me. So I immediately started respecting, owning myself and cleaning the influence on me and emerged who I was.

I don't mean that don't be appropriate. Be culture appropriate but be you whether it's in your college, in laws or office. Just realize who you are, own it and be you. Don't think about what people will think or will I fit in.

What I want for you is to take some time to understand why you are thinking negative. Is it because you lost your identity in order to fit in?

If yes, then find the alive and fearless you. I promise you will start respecting yourself, be happy and start loving yourself. And you will see the expression that comes out from you!

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless.
Dream Big. Stay Strong.

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