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Career Counselling: Which Career has more SCOPE?


When we ask this question “Which career, field or business has more scope?”

what we are actually asking is “WHERE IS THE MONEY?”

In this video I explain what are the 5 mandates that a career or field must have for you to succeed in and make truck loads of money… yes that’s correct, truck loads : )

...and if one of these parameters are missing, then you might not be able to tap your full natural potential and be fully alive, satisfied and fulfilled.

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Hi, this is Murtaza Badri, creator of Alive and Fearless. Welcome to the life transformation blog.

In this video, I am going to address the big question that all of us have, especially the students, the younger crowd who have completed their education and now have to decide which job or which career or which industry they are supposed to go in?

You know it's a crazy question; it drives the young crowd crazy. Maybe you have the same question – which career do I choose?

And the question they ask is which career has more scope? Now primarily they are asking, where is the money? Which career has more money?

I understand it’s important; of course you have to make an income, have a great lifestyle and for that you need the money. So now what I want to do in this particular video is I am going to talk to you about five important elements or parameters that you have to check in deciding which career you want to take. If the career that you choose fulfills these 5 parameters, I promise you, you will get the truckloads of money; not only that, you will have satisfaction, fulfillment and you will thoroughly enjoy your work.

When I was young and I had this question; I had to choose between engineering and doing business. A lot of people gave me a lot of options and believe me some of the options had a lot of money; I could get a quick income. But when I tested them with these 5 parameters, I found out that it would not be a long-term gain for me. Since it was not a long-term lucrative career option for me, I chose to be a Speaker, Trainer and Life Coach. This particular field – the self-development, the self-help industry, tested it is true for me when I did checked it for these 5 parameters. And today I can probably say that it has been a good and a wise choice for me.

Let's get into it quickly.

1. Enjoy the work

The first parameter that you want to check when you decide which career has more scope, must be that you enjoy the work. So when you have a field, career or an industry that you want to get in, normally what happens? Your friends go to a particular field, for instance they take pharmacy or engineering. So you yourself are not interested in that particular field, but off you’re gone into that field.

Or you have a family full of engineers; like my family, my brother in law, my elder brother, my cousin all are engineers. When my turn came, everybody told me that you have to do engineering. Now I'm talking about the 90s at that particular time, engineering was everything. There was no other field that had such a potential, and of course, everybody was going into was engineering.

Well at that time, I asked myself that am I going to be happy doing this particular field? Am I going to enjoy engineering? (No offence, I have nothing against engineering, I love engineering; I have a diploma in Computer Technology) But when I said that I want to select this particular career for life; the field which I'm going to select, I will be spending 80% of my life at work. I better make sure that particular career that I take, I enjoy it the most.

So if that particular career that you are in, gives you that energy, is your passion; you wake up in the morning and you want to go to work. It’s just something that you don't have to be told to do. You’re automatically learning about it, very happy doing it and you want to move forward in it. You enjoy the work; you don’t watch your time and feel the need to run back home. You’re enjoying your work and you just go back home, so that you can meet your wife and your kids, or socialize and do other activities too. That’s the parameter that I want you to test – whether you are going to enjoy that particular career or not.

Now what I’m saying is, you should test positive with all of these 5 parameters for the career, since we are talking about making a lot of money and success, not a temporary success but a long term success. Certain careers might seem lucrative and look like you can enjoy it and has more money. But I assure you if it's not for long term haul; if all these 5 parameters do not hold true, in the long run you will start not enjoying it.

2. Naturally inclined

Let's go to the second one. Are you naturally inclined towards this particular career? When I thought about personal development and self help, I was naturally inclined to it. I read books, I started listening to audio programs and attending the seminars – I was a seminar junkie, I attended seminars in India and also internationally. I went around spending that kind of money and I was just naturally inclined to it.

If I had some spare time, I would not watch television. I would plug in my earphone and start listening to audio programs, to the speakers, trainers and life coaches. Nobody had to push me, motivate me or inspire me to do it. So you need to test this on your own self, are you naturally inclined to this career? Or are you just doing it because your friends are there or there’s more money or it’s easy and convenient? Or because you just got the opportunity, so you’ll just go ahead and take it? Maybe because you might need the money in the moment, and in this particular field, you’re just doing it for a small amount of time, I understand that. But then you must go ahead and select the career or industry that you want to spend your life in the rest of your life in.

How do you know you are naturally inclined? Well you know it when you’re working at night, awake till 2 am, and just fall asleep waking up in 2 hours and getting back to it. Your mind is just at this particular industry and you can’t think about anything else.

When I was inclined towards this particular career, my environment was not very supportive. They said, ‘Being a Speaker, Trainer and Life Coach? That's not an industry! How much are you going to make? Do it as a hobby but not like a full time career..’

When I went into it, I saw that it's a huge industry and has a lot of potential. Sometimes you might not get family support, environment support or even your friends’ support; you might not get anybody's for the career you are naturally inclined towards.

But there’s one question that you probably need to ask. Is there someone who is enjoying this career? Making money in this career; who is contributing, who is happy? If one person is doing it, I promise you also can do it.

3. Productivity

Let’s get to the third parameter which is that you are the most productive in this particular career. You don't feel lethargic and lazy.  You don’t feel, ‘Oh my God! I have to do so much!’ You just don't do things because your boss wants to do it, or just because you won't get the salary at the end of the month. You are just at it, you're so good at it and naturally inclined and enjoying it. Naturally, you will be at your best and super productive too!

If you can be productive in this particular career and you’re naturally inclined towards it, enjoying it then you must go ahead.

4. Struggling

The fourth parameter is that, are you willing to struggle? This is a huge parameter; if you do not enjoy that particular career and if you're not naturally inclined and productive (which goes back to enjoying and being naturally inclined), you will not be able to struggle in that particular career, business or job opportunity.


What do I mean by struggle? Well, every opportunity, every career and every industry has its own struggles. When I came in the self help industry, there were a lot of challenges, struggles, various uptimes and simultaneously some downtimes as well along with some fairly miserable times. You have to struggle, and you have to keep at it. You have to believe in it, enjoy it, push yourself and go at it.

If you're not doing that, then you will not be able to struggle. You will not be able to hold yourself enough to that career. The first sign of defeat, the first sign of pressure and you’ll call it quits. You’ll be like, ‘I’m out of this. This is not for me! I am not productive, this career is not good and this industry is not good’. You will jump to another career; probably hoping that it will be much easier or you will enjoy that or maybe that has more income opportunities.

So I promise you that if you have the first three parameters fulfilled, you will be able to struggle.

5. Contribution

Putting all these four parameters together, if this one is not true, then there's no point of the above 4. So the fifth and the last and the most important parameter is, what you can contribute. What you can contribute to the industry, to the company, to the humanity or mankind in whatever, however way! It includes contribution to your department, team and colleagues and also contribution in terms of helping people and inspiring people. It also means helping your company build a better product or service.

If you choose to be a business person and want to create a product, and that product contributes and helps a person live a better life or helps businesses do better business. If that is true, then that is the career for you, my friend!

If all of the 5 parameters are true for a particular career/ industry/ job opportunity, I promise you there is a lot of scope and there is a lot of money. So maybe sometimes, the money might not be immediately coming in. so you might see all the parameters at work, but income opportunity is low in the moment. Well, I promise you, if you go at it, armed with research, doing your best; and if someone else is succeeding in that particular career, so can you!

My request to all of you, students who are beginning to select their careers, please make sure you identify these 5 parameters in whichever field you are contemplating. It might be engineering, science and arts or any other particular area. For someone who is moving your career to another industry, that’s fine; again make sure that all these 5 parameters are true.

The earlier that you do this, the better for you!

If you have any questions regarding these 5 parameters, do comment or write to me at [email protected] I would love to answer your questions. Till then stay Alive and stay Fearless. Dream big, stay strong and I will see you in the next video.

Thank you so much for watching.