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Business Never Fails


When a business becomes non-profitable yet keeps you busy, stressed and broke... we term it as failing. But the interesting part is that the business is not failing, then what is and why.

Watch an excerpt from a live training I did in Kuwait on how to 10X Career and Business.

90% of Businessmen who struggle don’t realize this and hence can’t 10X their business.

I am using Hindi at places during my presentation and was fun and helped me express better : )

Leave a comment and share your thoughts on how you look at business challenges.

Stay Alive, Stay Fearless!
Dream BIG, Stay Strong.

- Murtaza

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What is the main reason for business to fail?

Audiences say,

lack of market knowledge,
no goals,
faulty marketing or branding,
not understanding competition or technology,
not upgrading self, limited capital, the trends,
lack of self evaluation.

We say, businesses never fail; it's the owner who fails to unleash the businessman within

So he did come into business, he forgot to unleash. He did mediocre business. He didn't do it 10X marketing, action, learning, research, he came in and did minimum.

When a business fails, people say market was bad, competition was strong, my destiny sucked, services weren't good, product was not good, law is strict, bad location, not good employees.

You can give any reason, but it's b***s***. The only reason business failed it's because the owner failed.

If someone else could do it, why couldn't you?

Never blame anyone outside. You did not get the right price, you didn't get the appropriate
product for the appropriate market, and you didn't do marketing. If you are selling the wrong product to the wrong market at the wrong price and at the wrong time with the wrong quality, you will fail.

Does everyone have a businessman within himself? What do I mean unleash? Go all out. But before you unleash, prepare, study, research and do your grind.

But just don't keep preparing and planning. Plan and jump.

Can you learn to swim without getting into the water? I have read and seen all the techniques of swimming! But can you practice without getting into the water? There's a chance you will fall, fail and get hurt or go down. If you don't, then you haven't even learnt.

Certain things you need to learn and jump and then go 10X.