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5 Steps For Personal Growth And Development


We live life to be happy and succeed… but sometimes we get so busy being busy in our day-to-day activities that we seldom find the time to introspect and ask ourselves, if we are growing and moving forward Psychologically, Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually?

If not, then you are automatically dying little by little… and this can cause major breakdowns in your personal growth, relationships, health, career & business.

I would like to share 5 Ideas and steps you can take immediately to grow rapidly.

My entire life has been an application of these 5 BIG Ideas and has served me well.

You will find these steps common sense, but yet not common practice.

In fact they are so simple you will be amazed : )

Leave a comment and let me know which ones have you applied and what results are you getting. Would also love to read any comments or feedback.

- Murtaza

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5 Steps For Personal Growth And Development (Foundation for Self Help)

Hi this is Murtaza Badri and welcome to the life transformation blog, the place-to-be for your personal growth, relationship, health, career and business.

I often wonder, are people really growing in their life? In their relationship, career or health, or even finance – are they moving forward?

I see a lot of people in my life who are just stagnant where they are. In fact, they are dying because they're not adding something positive, something new into their lives. Like plants; if plants are not growing they are automatically dying. This applies the same with us human beings. This is something I have always wondered; why are people not moving forward and why are they not growing?

And when I say personal growth, I mean are they growing psychologically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally? Are they getting more strength, more muscle in their emotions? Are they able to control their life in the way that they truly want to?

I understand that you truly want to live a life you love. I know that you have your intentions and you are working hard. So, I want to share 5 steps that you can immediately take to move from dying to growing; move forward in your life. And the steps are pretty simple to apply and you can immediately do it in your life and it will help you in your personal growth & development and move forward in life.

Ready for the first step?

STEP #1: Minus the negatives

The first step is to eliminate everything that is negative in your life.

It could be negative emotions, negative thought processes, negative thinking (why my life is like this?). Maybe you're comparing yourself with someone and saying negative things about your own self to your own self.

Maybe you are feeling low and feeling negative emotions like, guilt, anger, frustration, hate, jealousy… eliminate all of them.

Negative habits – we know these negative habits aren’t serving us. They are stopping us to grow in our life.

Negative friends, negative environment, negative information and knowledge that we are continuously bombarding our mind with. Reading depressing news, going through places where the information is not so good and it’s not serving you in your life or your family, relationships, finance, career or business.

When we say eliminate the negatives, I understand some of you will say, ‘I can't just eliminate negative people from my life – what about my family, friends…’

I understand if there are people who are negative, or talking negative and you don't feel good around and about, try to reduce the communication. Maintain a friendly distance and automatically they will move away from your life.

STEP #2: Add the positives

Once you clear out the negative, add something positive. Like, find a good friend who is positive and will boost you and empower you. Identify a good book, a positive book in your life. Learn a new skill; develop a good habit, even good eating habits. Get some positive food in your life and in your stomach.  It will give you some energy and vitality; it will help your physiology, help you grow and get some energy in your life. Get something that you are passionate about, which you like, into your life, into your environment, into your daily routine, and into your habits.

STEP #3: Find your passion

This is the third step. What are you passionate about? What is it that you like to do? Spend more time on that, which is positive and is helping you grow. It’ll stop you from dying.

What is your passion? Cooking? Food? Exercise? Is it going out, doing some adventurous sports or going to new places, meeting new people, new cultures, traveling around the world? Maybe you are a tech wizard, break and make a new gadget.. do something which gives you positivity in your life.

STEP #4: Take a risk or two

The fourth step is to take risk. So we see people going like, ‘Yes, this is my passion but I'm too afraid to take a risk. I am surrounded by so much negativity in my life. I am surrounded by so many negative people so I can't take risk!’ People keep telling ‘what if you fail, what if you fall, you can't do this you can't do that, it is not possible, this is impossible…’

Surround yourself with good and positive people, find your passion and take a risk. Go ahead do something which you have never done before. You know those crazy things that make you go ‘Oh my God! Should I really do it?’ Well yes! Go ahead. Take that risk; of course don't kill yourself! 

Take the risk and once you jump into it and do something new, it’ll help you grow. I promise you once you start growing, you will never go back.

STEP#4: Enjoy the journey

The final step is to enjoy the journey. Find your passion, get good people in your life, take risks and enjoy the journey.

Life is all about taking risks and going after what you are passionate about. Maybe in your career, business, relationship – go ahead and take a risk. Enjoy the journey and as you will enjoy the journey, you will automatically see yourself growing. Because people who take risk, who have found their passion and are on the path of personal transformation always grow.