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Hi, when I was in my teenage, I always questioned people when they told me what to do, what to think, how to behave. I thought why I should live my life based on the environment and people around me. I observed that people, who were broke, frustrated with life, struggling and living a mediocre life were advising me on how I should live my life and that was not working for me.

So I began my journey into my personal transformation from being destined to a future which was already created for me by others to a dream that I dreamt of without any limitations of my past or my present.

Badri’s Life Transformation Academy is created for those who want to live life on your terms, who want to dream and see that dream come to life. I have gone through it, struggled, learnt and have succeeded, and I wish the same for you. I have put all my learning into a simple, structured & learnable format which anyone can learn and apply to achieve his/her dream.

I invite you to join us and experience the feeling of being Alive & Fearless in the pursuit of a life which you are capable of achieving.

- Murtaza

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